Monolithic Constructors, Inc.

Monolithic Constructors, Inc. (Monolithic) is the original Monolithic Dome construction company. They built the first Monolithic Dome in 1975, which resulted in patents for the process and marked the beginning of a new international industry.

Almost 50 years later, Monolithic is owned by Michael South, Dave South, and their brother-in-law, Gary Clark. They are the sons of David B. South, co-inventor and founder of the Monolithic Dome process and father of the industry. Michael, Dave, and Gary are innovative leaders and take pride in delivering top-quality Monolithic Domes and related services in an approachable and collaborative way.

Through their sponsorship of the Monolithic Dome Institute, this website, and Monolithic Dome Builders Workshops, they carry on their father’s legacy of sharing Monolithic Dome-related technology with anyone who wishes to learn.

The headquarters of Monolithic is located at the Monolithic Dome Research Park.