Monolithic Dome Builders Workshops

Spraying polyurethane foam.

Workshop attendees watch as a student sprays polyurethane foam.

Dome Builders Wanted

Come to Texas and learn to build your own Monolithic Dome. Every April and September, the Monolithic Dome Institute holds the Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop. This isn’t a dry academic discussion. It is a 5-day experience where attendees learn to build a real Monolithic Dome. That’s right, at every workshop, students construct a concrete dome.

Each day is split between classroom and hands-on instruction. In the classroom, experienced dome builders present detailed, hard-earned lessons in Monolithic Dome construction. Then everyone can apply what they’ve learned through on-site construction. Students will spray foam, hang steel, spray shotcrete, and become familiar with the equipment and materials used in dome construction. Plus, lunch is included!

The schedule

Classes are Tuesday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon.

  • Tuesday—polyurethane foam
  • Wednesday—reinforcements and concrete
  • Thursday—concrete and engineering
  • Friday—design and layout
  • Saturday—equipment and miscellaneous instruction

Instructors—and snacks—are available in the evenings to discuss ideas and answer questions.

Mixing concrete.

Students learn shotcrete mix design and help mix concrete on-site.

Be prepared

This is no ordinary workshop. Be prepared to get your hands—and clothes—dirty. You will help mix concrete, operate equipment, spray foam, hang steel, and spray concrete. By the end of the week, you will have helped complete a Monolithic Dome.

The knowledge and experience of the workshop can prepare you to build your own Monolithic Dome, help others build their domes, start your own dome business, or work as a subcontractor for other dome builders.

Tying rebar.

Students watch as an instructor demonstrates how to tie rebar.

What’s included

  • Five days of instruction and training with experienced dome builders.
  • Classroom notebook with an agenda and a wealth of examples, information, and construction procedures.
  • The Training Pak with videos, the Monolithic Dome estimation spreadsheets, the Io-24 blueprints, the Manual of Construction for the Monolithic Dome, plus more publications, are given to all attendees on a flash drive.
  • A tour of domes at the Monolithic Dome Research Park in Italy, Texas.
  • Breakfast pastries, juices, and coffee in the morning, plus a full lunch at noon and snacks in the evening.
  • On Saturday, the workshop concludes with a Texas BBQ and a graduation ceremony. Bring your camera.
Spraying shotcrete.

An instructor showing a student how to spray shotcrete.

Great value

Many conferences charge thousands just to listen to lectures all day. The Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop is far more than talk; it’s action and experience for as little as $1,995.

Workshops are limited to 40 attendees. Register Now!

  • Early bird tuition—$1,995
  • Regular tuition—$2,245
  • On-site tuition—$2,495

Early-bird tuition ends 4 weeks before classes begin. All tuition is fully refundable up to 15 days prior to classes starting. Partial refunds of tuition—minus $295—are given up to 4 days before (Friday) the workshop. On-site tuition begins 1-day (Monday) before classes start.

Register Now!


Prior workshop graduates may repeat the workshop as alumni. The cost is $995 to cover the cost of food and construction supplies.

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