This free evaluation is intended to give a general idea of the scope and cost for a potential Monolithic Dome church project. It will be based on the extensive files and experience of our staff and associated professionals. Of course, it is just a ballpark estimate to help start the process. This is a free service and you are under no obligation. … read more

Mile Hi Church Sanctuary

The famous domes of antiquity are structures of worship — the Pantheon in Rome, St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, to name a few. The vaulted, curved shape creates a tranquil, contemplative, respectful atmosphere. Where the domes of history took decades and even a century to complete, we can now build these remarkable structures quickly, affordably, and beautifully as Monolithic Domes. … read more

Beautiful Colorado home
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A rare and exceptional Monolithic Dome home sits on nearly an acre of land, close to Cherry Creek State Park in Centennial, Colorado. Nearly 50 mature trees shade the dome and provide privacy. Designed for energy-efficiency and durability by Chris Barnes, a former aeronautical engineer who worked with Howard Hughes, the dome was built in 1982. … read more

Aerial view
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Rarely does a home with such a rich history and distinctive architecture become available. This extraordinary home — which sits on approximately 3 acres — was constructed in 1978 by the current, original owners. It was a time between two of the worst energy crises in the U.S. — 1973 and 1979 — caused by interruptions in petroleum exports from the Middle East. Oil prices skyrocketed, and many homeowners began to look for alternative energy sources to run their homes. Others decided the best solution was to use less energy. … read more

Directory of companies that build, manufacture, design, and support the Monolithic Dome, related structures, and other curved architecture. … read more

Inflated Airform
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Interior construction is underway for Dave & Mary Spellings’ Monolithic Dome home — the Palapa Pineapple — in Belize. Dave Spellings said he got the idea about 25 years ago when he visited Ivan Sheinbaum’s Xanadu Resort on Ambergris Caye in Belize. “I wanted a smaller, more unique shape, with one room on top of the other. I squeezed the dome into the shape it’s in.” … read more

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Diagram of air-formed tunnel

A cut-and-cover underground tunnel is built by excavating a trench, building the tunnel structure, and backfilling soil around and over the tunnel. Using a tube-like Airform and spray-in-place concrete, a tunnel can be formed with less labor and overall cost. … read more

Dave South is the publisher of the Monolithic Dome Institute. … read more

Outside of Anthony N. Fusco Sr. Athletic Center
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Located in Wilmington, Delaware, the Delaware Military Academy is home to the first Monolithic Dome of its kind in the Mid Atlantic United States. With over 500 young cadets attending the school, the dome has opened up new opportunities for the cadets. The administration of the academy has expressed gratitude for the many benefits of a Monolithic Dome, and the cooperation and generosity of those involved to make the project completion possible. … read more

Exterior of the Anthony N. Fusco, Sr. Athletic Center

The Anthony N. Fusco, Sr. Athletic & Academic Center is a beautiful additon to the Delaware Military Academy’s campus. School administration at the Academy saw a need for the students to have more space for athletic and academic activities, and decided a dome gymnasium could provide this extra space. The collaboration of a few different companies was able to produce the new facility for the young cadets to utilize. … read more

State park tornado shelter

The Delaware State Park Tornado Shelter is a FEMA P-361 rated Monolithic Dome safe room. It provides near-absolute protection during tornadoes and other severe weather events at the park. When warning sirens sound, a wireless signal unlocks the door. Up to 856 campers and park-goers can shelter inside. … read more

Directory of companies and people involved in designing, producing, constructing, and supporting the Monolithic Dome, curved architecture, and related industries. … read more

Aerial view of dome home

There is a 29-foot (8.8 m) salt-water swimming pool and a three-person hot tub in the living room of this incredible monolithic dome home. Chris Barnes, a former aeronautical engineer who had worked for Howard Hughes, originally constructed the home in 1982 as his own residence. The swimming pool and hot tub use salt-water and a premium, non-chlorine, filtration system to avoid the swimming pool “smell” in the house. … read more

Dome Living Ebook

Dome Living is a comprehensive planning guide. It includes invaluable know-how for anyone planning a Monolithic Dome home — no matter what style, size, or location.

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Flowing fireplace
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I’m often asked if there’s a trick to installing fireplaces in a Monolithic Dome. It’s pretty straightforward. The real question is, “Do you need the fireplace?” I see the romantic appeal of visiting around a glowing fire or the desire to reduce your heating bill. However, the energy efficiency of the dome typically changes a need for a fireplace into a want. If you decide you really want a fireplace, here are some tips on installing one in a Monolithic Dome. … read more

Mathena Family Event Center
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When the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma set out to build a new building at the Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center, a Monolithic Dome was not the first thought. In fact, it was practically an afterthought. But what it became was a Monolithic Dome conference center hosting thousands every year. … read more