Inflated Airform membrane.

Inflated Airform membrane of Elkhart Ammonium Nitrate storage in Elkhart, Texas. The membrane is a hemisphere with an integrated stem wall. The tube in front will become the unloading tunnel.

The Elkhart Ammonium Nitrate Storage is a Monolithic Dome storage built at the El Dorado Agricultural Products retail facility in Elkhart, Texas. It stores 20,000 tons (18 kt) of granular ammonium nitrate in a 115-foot (35 m) diameter hemisphere on a 36-foot (11 m) integrated stem wall. The overall height is 92.5-feet (28 m), making it the tallest building in Elkhart.

The dome is part of an expansion of the retail facility to increase capacity and improve safety. It replaces an older, wood structure razed for the new storage. It sits alongside a rail siding and is filled directly from rail cars through a top-fill conveyor system. Unloading the dome is via front end loaders at the tunnel opening on the opposite side of the conveyor loading elevator.

El Dorado Agricultural Products is a subsidiary of LSB Industries, Inc.. The retail facility offers soil sampling services, custom fertilizer blending, fertilizer application services, agricultural chemicals, and seed.

Construction began in December 2018 with the Airform membrane inflated on January 6, 2020. The facility should be ready in Spring 2020.

3D x-ray illustration

A 3D x-ray illustration shows the 20,000 ton (18 kt) ammonium nitrate pile inside the silo-like Monolithic Dome. Rail cars deliver the fertilizer via the elevator and conveyor (right). The structure is climate controlled via a small AC unit on top of the tunnel.