Shalom Dome Home

Shalom dome aerial view.

The recently completed Shalom Dome from an aerial exterior view. The dome was completed in late 2017 and the family was able to move in early 2018.

John & Letha Small

Owned by John and Letha Small, the Shalom Dome is Monolithic Dome home in Platte City, Missouri. The Orion style home is a three domed structure. The family enjoys the dome as a sanctuary for family and friends. The construction of the home was completed late 2017, and the family was able to move into their new dome February 2018.

The home has 3,000 square feet (279 m²) of living space plus a loft, with 1,000 square feet (93 m²) for the garage. The entire structure is built with an integrated orion-style 8-foot (2.5 m) tall segmented wall with the center dome being 48-feet diameter (14.5 m) by 10-feet (3 m) tall and the outer domes being 36-feet (11 m) by 8-feet (2.5 m) tall.

There are three bedrooms and three bathrooms as well as an office and a theater. The family has enjoyed the benefits a Monolithic Dome brings, especially. In the time they have lived in the home, they have noticed that the temperature inside the home has increased by four degrees in two weeks, despite a 20-degree difference on the outside.

Shalom dome kitchen.