Lincoln County Farm Center

Lincoln County Farm Center ranch store.

The Lincoln County Farm Center is a ranch, home, and garden store in Chandler, Oklahoma.

Tatiana Crandall

The Lincoln County Farm Center is a retail home and ranch store in Chandler, Oklahoma, situated on US Highway Route 66. It opened in 2015 and offers farming services, garden supplies, home décor, clothing, hardware, and much more. It is also the second Monolithic Dome at the facility.

The first dome was built in 1979 and was the first Monolithic Dome fertilizer storage ever. William and Nelda Matthews constructed the Monolithic Dome after reading about it in a fertilizer magazine. It has served as the retail fertilizer blend plant ever since. When it was time to build a new structure for the Farm Center’s store, they decided to build another Monolithic Dome. However, William passed away before they could begin construction.

Nelda Matthews continued the family business with the help of her daughters and built the new Monolithic Dome store. The finished structure is a 120-foot (36.5 m) diameter by 24-foot (7.3 m) tall Monolithic Dome atop a 9-foot (2.7 m) split face block stem wall. They painted the interior, domed ceiling with a prairie night sky complete with flying eagles.

The interior is arranged in a wagon wheel pattern with store shelving as spokes from the circular checkout counter as the central hub. The store employees at the checkout counter can see down all the aisles.