Salyer Monolithic Dome Home

Exterior of the Salyer Monolithic Dome house in Batesville, Indiana.

Rounded extended augments for the windows and doors of the new Salyer dome home in Batesville, Indiana, make the interior feel open and airy. Adding to the open feeling of the house is the 12-foot height of the Monolithic Dome, which was built with an integrated 2-foot stem wall.

Kathy Salyer

This Monolithic Dome house was built by Monolithic Constructors and finished in 2022. It is 35 feet in diameter with 964 square feet of living space. The dome is 12 feet tall and was built on a 2-foot integrated stem wall—providing plenty of headroom around the interior perimeter.

This small home is ideal for one or two people. It features two bedrooms, a great room with kitchen, dining and lounging areas, and a bathroom/laundry room with a large shower. The rounded window and door augments designed for the Salyers are stunning, as are the shower and natural wood cabinets and doors. Check out the post about the construction of this home on Monolithic Constructors’ blog, Sphere of Influence.

The floor plan for this two bedroom, 1 bath home in Batesville, Indiana.

The floor plan for this Indiana home features a large great room with a beautiful kitchen, dining and living area, two bedrooms, and a combination bathroom/laundry room. Combining the bathroom and laundry room allowed for more storage space for this family.