Wells Middle School Cafeteria

Wells Middle School Cafeteria.

The Wells Middle School Cafeteria — also known as the Catoosa Cafeteria — is the cafeteria, auditorium, and tornado shelter for the students and faculty.

Simon Hurst

Wells Middle School Cafeteria is a multi-purpose Monolithic Dome constructed next to the Wells Middle School in Catoosa, Colorado. It normally serves as the school cafeteria and auditorium. It is also a FEMA-rated safe room for shelter during severe weather—including tornadoes. All doors and openings in the cafetorium are rated for severe weather. The building is large enough to contain the entire student body during an emergency.

The 17,350 square foot (1,612 m²) Monolithic Dome is 136-feet (41.5 m) diameter by 30-feet (9 m) tall on top of a 16-foot (5 m) stem wall. There is a full-service kitchen with walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, dry food storage, food preparation areas, and a food service area. The dining hall has room to seat over 400 students or can be cleared for use as an auditorium.

Cafeteria interior.

The multipurpose interior supports 400 students at lunch and at school events.

Simon Hurst