Great News Story with Timelapse of Catoosa Safe Room Inflation

Catoosa cafeteria after inflation.

Catoosa cafeteria shortly after initial inflation. A conventional entry way is planned for the front.

Mike South has a great story about the a Monolithic Dome inflation in Catoosa, Oklahoma earlier this month. The 136-foot diameter facility will be a cafeteria for the school and a safe shelter during tornadoes for the students and community. There’s an excellent time-lapse of the inflation in the story.

Monday students couldn’t look away, and neither could the adults, as crews blew up what will eventually be the shelter’s dome roof.

[Construction project manager Trent] Brown said, “I’ve actually toured some of them that had actually taken a direct hit of an F-4 tornado, and it withstood that impact. There was no damage.”

Seven people died in Catoosa 1993 from an F-4 tornado. It seriously damaged the high school.

Should history ever repeat itself, the shelter will be the ultimate safe haven for Catoosa’s middle and high schoolers.

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