Whiteacre Monolithic Dome Home

Whiteacre Monolithic Dome home exterior and walkway.

The most striking feature of the Whiteacre Monolithic Dome home has to be the stone work — from the walkways to the domes — it permeates the design and gives it a truly unique look.

Barry Byers

The Whiteacre residence is a beautiful stone-covered Monolithic Dome home in College Station, Texas. There is a four-bedroom triple-dome main house, a separate two-car garage dome, a large s-shaped swimming pool in the back yard, and even a dome guest house.

The house consists of three interconnected dome shapes. The center dome is 44 feet (13.4 m) in diameter by 19 feet (5.8 m) tall with an integrated 6.5-foot (2 m) stem wall giving the structure an overall height of 25.5 feet (7.8 m). The outer two dome shapes are both 34 feet (10.4 m) diameter by 17 feet (5.2 m) tall with an integrated 6.5-foot (2 m) stem wall. The house is two stories tall, with the main floor encompassing 2,930 square feet (272.2 m²) and the second floor encompassing 2,870 square feet (266.6 m²) for a total of 5,800 square feet (538.8 m²).

On the bottom floor is the main suite with a bathroom plus a large sitting area, a living area, a large combination kitchen and dining room, a laundry-utility room, a second bedroom, a half bathroom, a sewing room, and a home office. On the second floor are two more bedrooms, a bathroom, a large storage room, a game room, and a beautiful library where the library shelves are custom-built to match the curved dome shell.

There is a separate 30-foot (9.1 m) diameter garage dome with room for two cars and plenty of storage around the parked vehicles.

The backyard is dominated by a large, s-shaped swimming pool with a hot tub and two waterfall features. Next to the swimming pool is another 30-foot (9.1 m) diameter dome guest house with two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen, and living room.

S-shaped swimming pool and dome guest house.

The large s-shaped swimming pool in the backyard with two waterfall features and a hot tub. Next to the pool is a two bedroom, one bathroom Monolithic Dome guest house.

Barry Byers

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