The Daily Mail Highlights Monolithic Dome Homeowners

Whiteacre dome home in College Station, Texas.

The Whiteacre Monolithic Dome home in College Station, Texas, is one of four homes highlighted by the Daily Mail.

Barry Byers

The Daily Mail, a publication from the UK, did an in-depth feature story about Monolithic Dome homes. Four different homeowners from across the United States describe their desire to live in such a home and the building process.

Those interviewed were Matt and Jari Whiteacre in Texas, Phil and Melody McWilliams in California, Beverly and Ken Garcia in Alabama, and Joe Gora in Georgia.

Below is a quote from the article, showing the development process for Beverly and Ken Garcia. The article features interviews from all four homeowners.

When Beverly and Ken Garcia began thinking of building a new home, there were a lot of factors to consider—not least that his parents’ Gulf Coast home had been destroyed in Hurricane Katrina.

That motivated them to begin ‘looking at structures that could withstand that kind of bad weather and also be super energy efficient,’ says Beverly.

‘The other thing we were looking at—we’re years from retirement age—but we were looking in the future, as we wanted to go lower maintenance,’ she says. ‘Our house previous to this was three storeys in the back high—and you don’t want to think about having to do maintenance and stuff on a structure of that size when you’re getting older. It’s just a lot.’

The couple are also quite environmentally conscious, and it wasn’t long after they stumbled upon Monolithic domes that they were sold.

‘It was pretty much domes came out on top, right off the bat,’ says Ken about the couple’s structural search.

They decided to build three interconnecting domes in New Hope, Alabama—where they’d enjoyed family vacations when their children were young—and hired local contractors in addition to doing much of the work themselves as avid DIY-ers.

Included with the article are multiple photos of each home, interior and exterior. You can read of Shiela Flynn’s article, Home Sweet Dome: The Monolithic houses dotting the country that protect against tornadoes, hurricanes and wildfires, on the Daily Mail Online website.

The article also mentions two things provided by the Monolithic Dome Institute. Read more about Feasibility Studies and Monolithic Dome Builders Workshops.