The Whiteacre Dome Home Building Experience from Start to Finish

Whiteacre resident prior to the rock covering.

The Whiteacre’s beautiful Monolithic Dome home in College Station, Texas is shown here during construction — before covering the domes with rock.

Whiteacre dome home almost almost ready to move in.

The domes are covered with a rock coating and the home is nearly ready. This 3-dome home includes living spaces both upstairs and down, including a library and a game room.

Have you ever wondered what exactly it takes to build a Monolithic Dome home? Matthew and Jari Whiteacre built a gorgeous three-dome home in College Station, Texas and chronicled their journey with beautiful photographs and careful details on their blog, Whiteacre Dome Home: The trials and tribulations of building a new house from beginning to end.

On May 26, 2011, the Whiteacres were settling on a piece of land and wrote their first blog entry. During 2012, they posted 77 times covering site work prep, foundations, Airform inflation, polyurethane foam application, rebar installation, shotcrete spraying and interior work. In 2013, the Whiteacre family finished the interior and moved into their lovely home, all the while documenting their progress with forty more posts.

For anyone considering building a Monolithic Dome home, this blog is a must-read

Elevation drawing of the Whiteacre dome home.

An elevation drawing of the Whiteacre’s home. This dream home in College Station, Texas is comprised of three domes—two 34-ft and one 44-ft diameter Monolithic Domes. Two more domes are also near, one being the garage and the other a pool house, each 30-ft in diameter.

Keeping up with the Domeses

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