Throwback: A Stone Covered Dome Mansion

Stone covered Monolithic Dome home.

The Whiteacre residence in College Station, Texas, is a wonder of stonework and Monolithic Dome design.

Barry Byers

Today we look back at the astounding Whiteacre Monolithic Dome home in College Station, Texas. The triple-dome structure is impressive, as is the backyard pool—complete with waterfalls. But the most striking feature of the house is the stonework. The main house, guest house, garage, walkways, and landscaping are stone-covered. We love it.

We talked about the house before from the days when it was under construction in “The Whiteacre dome home building experience from start to finish” story where we discuss the construction blog by the Whiteacre’s—“Whiteacre Dome Home: The trials and tribulations of building a new house from beginning to end.

We featured the home almost nine years ago in “The Whiteacre residence is an elegant paradise” complete with 24 photographs. Even the Daily Mail covered the dome home in their report on Monolithic Domes, “Home Sweet Dome: The Monolithic houses dotting the country that protect against tornadoes, hurricanes and wildfires.”