One-Bedroom Monolithic Dome Floor Plans

Horizontal portion of a one-bedroom Monolithic Dome floor plan.

Our designs for one-bedroom Monolithic Dome houses range from small mother-in-law apartments to luxury retirement villas. These drawings are jumping-off points. We don’t expect the following to fit a homeowner’s unique needs perfectly. Contact us to do a residential feasibility study when you’re ready to get serious about building your one-bedroom home.


Efficient One-Bedroom Plans

Plans for homes 900 square feet and under | Back to top ↩︎

Io-20: A 20´ Diameter, 314 SF, One-Bedroom, One-Bath Floor Plan.

This efficient apartment would be perfect for a mother-in-law cabin or a little retreat. It offers the privacy of a separate bedroom while leaving plenty of living space to enjoy.

Io-24: A 24' Diameter, 452 SF, One-bedroom, One-Bath Floor Plan.

The 24-foot diameter dome is perfect for those looking for something a little more deluxe as a rental unit, mother-in-law apartment, small cabin or office.

Elara: Bottom Floor Garage, 30' Diameter, 706 SF, One-bedroom, One-Bath Floor Plan.

The bottom floor of this little house is a garage. A home like this would be perfect for coastal living or any place with high costs for land or where you might get a better view of your surroundings from an upper floor.

Elara: Upper Floor of a 30' Diameter, 706 SF, One-bedroom, One-Bath Floor Plan.

The second floor of this 30-foot-diameter dome home offers plenty of living space for one or two people. The fun, open floor plan includes a deck and a lower-level garage. A second closet could be added to the left side of the bedroom.

Io-27: A 27' Diameter, 572 SF, One-bedroom, One-Bath Floor Plan.

The perfect little cottage for one or two people. This home features a large closet AND linen closet — treasures for tiny house life.

Tiny Triton: Three 18' Diameter Interconnected Domes, 615 SF, One-bedroom, One-Bath Floor Plan.

This adorable triple-domed home would be the envy of fellow dome enthusiasts and tiny house lovers alike. The triple dome offers defined living spaces with added privacy and architectural drama inside, with double curving arches between rooms. The bedroom might be improved by moving the closet to the bathroom area and creating a bathroom along the opposite wall. There would still be plenty of room for the bed under the window with nightstands or dressers on either side.

Oberon: A 32' Diameter, 804 SF, One-bedroom, One-Bath Floor Plan.

This home has tons of space for one or two people. It boasts two large closets and a spacious living area. The entrance could be moved to the opposite side of the house. This would do two things: It would make it so people weren’t entering into the kitchen and the utility of the extra closet would be optimized. Moving the refrigerator to the dome wall will make the large appliance seem smaller while freeing up that space for the sink and a passthrough or breakfast bar.

Luna: A 34' Diameter, 907 SF, One-bedroom, One-Bath Floor Plan.

A separate laundry room with tons of space for storage in a one-bedroom retreat? Yes, please! This 907-square-foot dream retirement home or woodland getaway makes a comfortable life look more affordable than ever—no sacrificing on closet space or amenities with this little gem.

Luna: A 34' Diameter, 907 SF, One-bedroom, One-Bath Floor Plan.

Just when you think the little one-bedroom Monolithic Dome home design can’t get any more creative, you find this floorplan! This would be ideal for a single person or a couple who likes to garden and/or has a dog (or three!). The back door opens into a laundry/bathroom combination room, ideal for cleaning up before heading off to make lunch, relax with a book, or retire for the night. It might be nice to extend the kitchen counter space under the window, move the refrigerator to where the sink is (where it won’t dominate the room) and put a pantry cabinet in its place. Then, place the sink under the window, the dishwasher next to it, and move the stove to the opposite wall, between the pantry and the refrigerator.

Modest One-Bedroom Plans

Designs for homes 1,000–1,800 square feet | Back to top ↩︎

Ariel: A 36' Diameter, 1017 SF, One-bedroom, One-Bath Floor Plan.

Even if there’s only one or two of you, sometimes you want a little more room to spread out but still want to keep things efficient. This home is perfect for you. The tucked-away kitchen’s breakfast bar opens into the great room — a terrific compromise between private space and an open floor plan. Some may want to forgo the second door from the bedroom into the bathroom in favor of a larger closet.

Ariel: A 36' diameter, 1,017 SF, One-bedroom, One and a Half-Bath Floor Plan.

Calling all bath lovers! This modest-sized one-bedroom home goes big in the primary bedroom and bath. The floor plan calls for more private spaces (hello pantry and laundry room!), with enough room for a garden tub and a separate powder room for guests.

Partial Torus: A 50' Diameter, 1,138 SF, One-bedroom, One-Bath Partial Torus.

This partial torus one-bedroom dome design will ensure your home will be unique—even within the Monolithic Dome home crowd. The interior curve of the torus is almost completely open to the courtyard, creating the ultimate in indoor/outdoor living. This design includes lots of storage space and a big bathroom with room for a custom shower and a garden tub.

Oberon: Lower Floor of a Two-Level, 32' Diameter, 1,608 SF, One-bedroom, One-Bath Floor Plan.

A one-bedroom Monolithic Dome home designed with multi-use in mind, this 32-foot diameter dome is built on two levels. The lowest level has room for a car, a workbench, laundry, a powder room and a 233-square-foot living area. The living area could be a family room, office or large storage. Obviously, this lower level doesn’t have to be a garage. It could house another bedroom, art studio, or anything else you can imagine!

Oberon: The Main Floor of a Two-level, 32' Diameter, 1,608 SF, One-bedroom, One and a Half-Bath Floor Plan.

The main floor of this 1,608-square-foot Monolithic dome home has a second laundry area, a large great room, and a big primary suite with a huge closet and roomy shower. If guest use of the bathroom isn’t a concern, the door to the great room could be removed, making way for a bigger shower or a tub.

Oberon: A Side View of a Two-Level, 32' Diameter, 1,608 SF, One-bedroom, One-Bath Floor Plan.

This drawing shows off the spiral staircase and the designer’s intent for the home to be backfilled to the main floor at the rear of the house. This home would be perfectly built into the side of a hill with the front deck looking out over the landscape.

Janus: Main floor of a 40' Diameter, 1,787 SF, One-bedroom, Two and a Half-Bath Floor Plan.

While still considered a modest-sized home at 1,787 square feet, this two-level Janus home design would feel open and airy for one or two people. The great room is designed to be open to the roof of the dome—creating a vaulted ceiling of almost 20 feet. A powder room, big coat closet and full-sized laundry room with storage make this floor plan even more attractive.

Janus: Upper Floor of a 40' Diameter, 1,787 SF, One-bedroom, Two and a Half-Bath Floor Plan.

The loft of this home makes it the ideal retirement home for a couple with grandkids! By adding this loft, not only will you have the perfect space for a game room or bunkhouse, but it allows for a second full-sized bathroom and a nice storage area.

Larger One-Bedroom Plans

Designs for homes over 2,400 square feet | Back to top ↩︎

Hyperion: A 30', 40' and 30' Diameter Domed, 2,668 SF, One-Bedroom, One and a Half-Bath Floor Plan.

With a house like this, you’d never need to leave home again. This home has a huge pantry and a kitchen that naturally flows into the large dining and living areas. The primary suite boasts two big closets, a giant shower and a standalone office space. A second living room, exercise room and generous hobby area (with powder room) are fun extras afforded by the big square footage of this triple-dome house.

Rigel: The Main Floor of a 50' Diameter, 2,753 SF, One-bedroom, One and a Half-Bath Floor Plan.

For the person who thinks bigger is better, this dome home is for you! The almost 25-foot tall vaulted ceiling of the living and dining area is the jewel of the first floor. This home has a big eat-in kitchen with a pass-thru bar, an office, a powder room, a nice laundry room with a sink and storage area, a storage room, and a large primary suite on the second floor.

Rigel: Second Floor of a 50' Diameter, 2,753 SF, One-Bedroom, One and a Half-Bath Floor Plan.

The partial second floor of this 50-foot-diameter home has a giant double closet, an en-suite bathroom with a shower, and a big bedroom overlooking the living area on the main floor. Expanding the bathroom to make room for a larger shower or bathtub would be simple.

One-Bedroom Fourplex

Design for a single dome with four apartments | Back to top ↩︎

Callisto: A 52' Diameter, 2123 SF Four-Plex of One-Bedroom, One-Bath Apartments Floor Plan.

This Monolithic Dome four-plex of one-bedroom, 531-square-foot apartments is a money maker! Each of the four units has everything a prospective renter would need on a budget. The plans call for big closets, cute kitchens, linen closets and a stackable washer/dryer in every apartment.