Luna: A 34' Diameter, 907 SF, One-bedroom, One-Bath Floor Plan

Just when you think the little one-bedroom Monolithic Dome home design can’t get any more creative, you find this floorplan! This would be ideal for a single person or a couple who likes to garden and/or has a dog (or three!). The back door opens into a laundry/bathroom combination room, ideal for cleaning up before heading off to make lunch, relax with a book, or retire for the night. It might be nice to extend the kitchen counter space under the window, move the refrigerator to where the sink is (where it won’t dominate the room) and put a pantry cabinet in its place. Then, place the sink under the window, the dishwasher next to it, and move the stove to the opposite wall, between the pantry and the refrigerator.

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