Monolithic Dome Studio Floor Plans

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We have done a lot of research on efficient apartment living at the Monolithic Dome Institute. The designs shared here represent the most current floor plans we recommend for studio apartments. Our sister company, Round Flats, in Italy, Texas, owns and operates studio apartment complexes. These clusters of rental studios have taught us that the following plans are what renters and owners find they like the best. If you are considering tiny house living or want to build a mother-in-law apartment, start with a residential feasibility study.

Io-20: 20' Diameter, 314 SF, Studio, One Bath Floor Plan.

The pinnacle of efficiency, this Io-20 is perfect for a guest house or for the owner who loves tiny house living. This would also be a great little cabin in the woods.

Io-20: 20' Diameter, 314 SF, Studio, One Bath Floor Plan.

If having a bigger closet is more important to you than counter space, here is your efficiency studio. The other benefit of this layout is the long flat wall which allows for a Murphy bed. Alternatively, the wall could be covered in storage cabinets or shelves.

Oberon Four-Plex: 32' Diameter, 800 SF, Four Studios Floor Plan.

This four-plex would be an excellent income generator without a huge upfront investment. It would provide four apartments for college students or single renters on a budget.