Spring 2021 workshop is canceled due to coronavirus

We are a year into the pandemic and although the daily news is bad, we have every reason to hope. Two vaccines are approved and more are coming. With every person vaccinated we inch closer to a return to some form of normal life. Patience is required. We would love to start holding the Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop again, but it’s not yet time. For the sake of our customers and staff, the Spring 2021 Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop is canceled.

The middle of a marathon is the most difficult. The road is still long and the runner is weary. It’s tempting to quit. We all want things to go back to the way they were. Now is the time we must hold on and keep pushing to the end. Wear a mask. Social distance. Limit gatherings — especially ones that bring people in from all over the world. We can finish this marathon together.

We will decide later — probably in June — whether to hold the Fall 2021 Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop.