Monolithic Dome Tourism at Johnson Creek’s New High School

Superintendent Garvey tours school construction.

Superintendent Michael Garvey and Johnson Creek School Board president Rick Kaltenberg tour grounds of the new Monolithic Dome middle and high school under construction.

John Hart, State Journal

The Monolithic Dome high school in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin is also becoming a sort of tourist attraction. In a Wisconsin State Journal article, Superintendent Michael Garvey reports adding tour guide to his job. “Garvey frequently hands out hard hats and makes the rounds with taxpayers, area superintendents, construction design professionals and anyone else with a curiosity about the facility scheduled to open for the start of the 2016-17 school year.”

“I give a lot of tours and that’s been part of our process all along,” Garvey said. “We want folks to be in here because that’s how the community finds out what it’s looking like. (Visitors are seeing) how well thought out and how flexible the learning space is going to be.”

The 109,000-square-foot facility for the Blue Jays is modeled after a five-dome, 80,000-square-foot school that opened in 2000 in Grand Meadow, Minnesota. Johnson Creek’s design saved $8 million in construction and will save the district thousands of dollars a year in energy use because of the building design.

Look at their photo gallery of construction and read the rest of this great story, Domes a draw in Johnson Creek, on the Wisconsin State Journal website.

Watch their great—albeit at only 240p—video report.

Barry Adams