Johnson Creek Elementary School

Elementary school rendering.

Rendering of the Johnson Creek Elementary school addition.


The Johnson Creek Elementary school is a three Monolithic Dome school addition to the Johnson Creek Middle and High School campus in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin. The new facility is under construction and will serve students from early childhood (EC or Pre-K) to the fourth grade. The new domes are identical to the five domes of the main campus and will create a unified pre-k to grade 12 (K12) campus when complete.

The grades 2-4 classroom dome is 140 feet (42.7 m) diameter by 26.5 feet (8 m) tall on 11 foot (3.4 m) stem walls—encompassing 15,400 square feet (1,430 m²) of floor area. It is positioned in-line with the other three 140-foot diameter domes. The plans are for 9 classrooms, a special education classroom, a teacher resource room, four breakout rooms, and a library and maker-space in the central rotunda.

The elementary gym and cafeteria dome is 160 feet (48.8 m) diameter by 30 feet (9.2 m) tall on 11 foot (3.4 m) stem walls—encompassing 20,100 (1,870 m²) of floor area. It is in-line with the middle and high school gym and cafetorium domes and connects to the rest of the school through the cafetorium dome. Surrounding the multi-use gym space is a band room, the elementary serving kitchen, a teacher’s lunchroom, the choir room, and an ag room.

The early childhood and grade 1 classroom dome is identical in size to the multipurpose gym and cafeteria dome. There are six classrooms around the perimeter and four classrooms in the center of the dome. A large, breakout room will connect the center four classrooms. The elementary school administration suite includes the principal’s office, reception area, nurses station, and other admin offices. The rest of the dome includes an art room, a teacher resource room, two speech rooms, and an elementary music room.

The connections between the domes contain restrooms, storages, and mechanical equipment for the school.

The elementary school addition is expected to open for the 2021-22 school year.