Fall 2020 Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop canceled due to COVID-19

Monolithic Dome workshop graduation photo

A graduation class photo from an earlier Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop. David B. South (in the black shirt on the front row) started the workshops in 1993 to teach people — with hands-on training — how to build a Monolithic Dome. COVID-19 canceled workshops this year, but we hope to begin again in 2021. Until then, be healthy. Be safe.

We live with hope for a better future, yet we need to recognize the realities of today. COVID-19 cases are surging in Texas and across the US. There is no reason to believe the coronavirus pandemic will end anytime soon. We must accept that this is our new “normal” and plan accordingly.

We are canceling the Fall 2020 Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop. Everyone who signed up will receive a full refund.

The annual Monolithic Dome Research Park tour usually held in October is also canceled.

It’s regretful that we cannot hold these two popular events, but we have a responsibility to protect our customers, employees, friends, and families. The coronavirus is a disease. It’s not political. It doesn’t care what we think. It simply spreads and wreaks havoc. We must be responsible and care for each other.

Our offices are closed to the public. Our staff works remotely whenever possible. Our crews implemented and maintain social distancing measures. And we wear masks.

In Texas, wearing masks is now mandatory. We believe this is the right choice to protect each other from the virus. Masks will help save lives. Please wear them.

The Spring 2021 Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop is planned for April 2021 — nine months from now. We are optimistic we can host it then, but we will wait until the new year before making firm plans.