The Dome Builder Workshops are Back!

Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop Alumni.

Alumni from a past Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop after constructing their first Monolithic Dome.

Early bird discount ($500) ends August 16. Sign up now!

It’s back! After a year and a half hiatus, the Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop resumes again in September 2021. Coronavirus restrictions are lifting. Travel is returning. We can finally gather to teach, discuss, and build another Monolithic Dome.

Vaccinations Required

COVID-19 is not completely gone. We must protect our students and employees, to that end, we are requiring all attendees of the Fall 2021 Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop to be completely vaccinated against COVID-19. If you wish to attend, please get the shot—now.

We recognize that not everyone can be vaccinated due to medical, religious, or personal reasons. It is our hope that by 2022 the pandemic will be a bad memory. If you cannot be vaccinated, please be patient and wait for a later workshop.

Build a real Monolithic Dome

The Fall 2021 Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop begins on Tuesday, September 14, 2021, in Italy and Dawson, Texas. The five-day course includes classroom and hands-on training in applying polyurethane foam, attaching rebar, and spraying concrete to complete one or more Monolithic Domes. Lunches are included, too.

Make your plans now because this workshop is going to fill fast and space is limited.

Sign up for the Early Bird Discount and save $500. For more information visit the Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop page and be sure to read our FAQs about the Dawson Workshop

Students learning to apply shotcrete.

Students take turns applying shotcrete to a Monolithic Dome they built during the workshop.