Snow covered Monolithic Dome home near Yorkton.

A beautiful blanket of snow surrounds this striking Monolithic Dome home near Yorkton in Saskatchewan, Canada, which features a two-story 40-foot (12.2 m) hemisphere with two, large barrel augments.

Canadian Dome Industries

The Yorkton Dome Home is a multi-story Monolithic Dome home constructed near Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada. The home features two large barrel vaults for the front and rear entrances. It is heated by pumping hot water from a vertical geothermal source well through a radiant floor.

The Monolithic Dome is a 40-foot (12.2 m) hemisphere with two large barrel augments plus various augmentations for doors and windows. Several large skylights — including one large one on top — draw in lots of light.

The house is over 1600 square feet (150 m²) of floor area. The large rear augment covers a full basement with a utility room and cold storage. The second floor consists of two bedrooms and a bathroom for the owner’s children.