Xanadu Island Resort

Oceanside dome resort.

An image from the dock of the oceanside Monolithic Dome resort, covered with a thatched roof.

Xanadu Island Resort is a five Monolithic Dome resort in Belize. Ivan and Judy Sheinbaum started construction on the first dome in July 1998. Each dome is a larger, over-the-center structure. The Sheinbaum’s covered each dome with a thatch roof to give it a local appearance. There are 20, fully equipped condominium apartments for rent.

The resort was awarded the first Green Globe Island Certified Property in Belize by the International Center for Responsible Tourism. It’s also been highlighted by various news stories in international and national media.

Hurricane Keith struck the resort in 2000. One finished dome and one unfinished dome were directly hit and survived undamaged.

On the Price is Right in 2017, Chad Majewski won a six-day trip to Xanadu Island Resort.