New Website Is a Homecoming for Monolithic Constructors, Inc.

Screenshot of the new website.

Monolithic Constructors, Inc.—or just, Monolithic—has a new website at Well, it’s not entirely new. It’s more like a homecoming.

David, Barry, and Randy South established Monolithic in 1980 as the world’s first Monolithic Dome contractor. Over the years, the company moved to Texas while Barry and Randy started their own dome companies.

The Monolithic Dome Institute began in 1996 as the training arm of Monolithic. The goal was to share the technology, teach people to build Monolithic Domes, educate others about the benefits of the dome, and advocate its use in new markets.

Also, in 1996, the first Monolithic Dome website went online. Initially at—this domain—and then and eventually These changes tried to solve a problem with the competing needs of Monolithic and the Institute.

Monolithic is a commercial company that builds domes and manufactures fabric products—including the Monolithic Dome Airform membranes. On the other hand, the Institute was an educational organization.

The website tried to represent both, and it was confusing.

It was time to split into two. The new Institute website—this website—went online a couple of years ago, and we’ve been migrating Institute-related content ever since. Now that the Institute is running, it’s time to create a new website for Monolithic.

We already owned, and there could not be a better domain for a company that literally calls itself Monolithic. The site went live in April 2022 and is just getting off the ground. We are migrating appropriate content from, but admittedly, most of that content belongs on the Institute website.

We are adding a blog section which is exciting because, while the Institute can talk in broad, academic terms about construction and working with domes, the Monolithic blog can talk about the day-to-day challenges and triumphs.

It will take time for all content to move from In the meantime, we’ve removed the Institute and Monolithic branding—it’s now simply We will keep it live until all content has moved to both sites.

The goal is for Monolithic to be a separate entity from the Institute and for the Institute to represent more than just one or two companies in the dome industry but represent the industry as a whole. To be inclusive. To allow other dome builders a space online and to make Monolithic a member of the Institute.

Keep an eye on for new content and changes.