Monolithic Completes Large Logo on the Vanguard School Dome


The “V-Quill” symbol on the dome at the Vanguard School in Colorado Springs, CO.

Mike South

The Vanguard School in Colorado Springs, Colorado was recently completed and held its open house, and features the largest logo Monolithic has placed on a dome. Many dome owners have asked for such a service, and now the service is being introduced.

As this is a new option for Monolithic to do, the logo on the Vanguard School was the first large-scale logo for the organization. “That was kind of a fun project we did over there at Vanguard,” stated Monolithic President Mike South. According to him, they had been experimenting with this idea around the office in hopes of making it an official service. A special cutting machine was recently acquired that cuts vinyl, the material needed for the logo, and facilitated the introduction of installing logos.

Logo with school name.

The other side of the dome with the “V-Quill” as well as the school name.

Mike South

Faraway view.

A faraway view of the dome with the logo.

Mike South

The logos are adhesive vinyl that sticks to the outside of the Airform. The design is cut out with the special blade, which is then put onto a layer of transfer paper. This paper allows it to be transferred and applied onto the Airform. “It’s a pretty crazy process,” South said. Previous to this, dome owners have hired sign companies. “We’ve been starting simple,” South said. “We’re hoping to expand it into complex objects”

As for the Vanguard project, the school asked if it could be done. This gave Monolithic a good time to test its new service it had been working on. “We had a good opportunity to work with nice people,” South stated. “It was a good place to start getting our feet wet.”

“Working with Monolithic, we were able to add two logos to our dome,” stated Jeff Yocum, Vanguard’s Director of Operations. “Directly over the entrance, we placed our "V-Quill” logo. We were also able to add our school name to the section that faces Interstate 25. We are most proud of who we are and also of our new junior high building. These logos represent one more way to truly demonstrate that pride!“


The rendering made after a visit to the site when the Airform was inflated. It looks very similar to the final product.

Mike South

Before the Vanguard logo was put on, there was some preparation for the job. Employees of Monolithic took a trip to Colorado and took pictures with a drone after the dome was inflated. Models of the logos were made and digitally placed on the pictures to give a rendering of what it would look like. The final product looked very similar to the renderings. The logos were then created back in Texas and returned to Colorado to be placed on the dome.

Schools and businesses would like logos on their domes, according to South, because it is advertising. Monolithic is hoping to expand this service in the future. The next logo they are putting on a dome is in Canada in November.

Rendering of "V-Quill".

A second rendering, this of the other side.

Mike South