The Vanguard School Holding Open House for New Dome

Dome school.

The Monolithic Dome junior high at the Vanguard School in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The dome — under construction for a year — is complete and will be holding an open house.

Mike South

The Monolithic Dome at The Vanguard School will be holding an open house and ribbon cutting on Friday October 13th. The event, starting at 4:00 p.m., will include a short ceremony, reception, and student-led tours of the building.

Serving as a junior high for seventh- and eighth-graders, construction on the dome began last year. The building was completed earlier this month and classes started at the Colorado Springs, Colorado school on September 18th. Read “Construction begins on school dome addition” for more on the planning and building phases.

Speaking about the addition of the Monolithic Dome to the school’s campus, Director of Operations Jeff Yocum said, “We are absolutely thrilled.” This new building will allow the school to expand enrollment and Yocum stated it “provides world class educational space for our junior high students.” Another benefit to the school will be energy costs from a Monolithic Dome. “We are excited about the long-term energy savings we expect to realize, and we also are very proud of how this unique structure stands out in the Colorado landscape,” Yocum stated.

Since the school opened during the school year, the community did not have an opportunity to tour the school. “This event will give us that opportunity,” Yocum stated. “It will also be a chance to thank all those who played such important roles in making this project a reality.”

Many dignitaries from the city, county, and state levels have been invited. Also invited are many of the developers and contractors who worked on this project. But the main reason for the open house, Yocum stated, was for the school community. “We’ve invited the most important people of all, our Vanguard families.”

Having a dome on campus has caused some buzz from the community. “There continues to be growing interest and excitement,” Yocum stated. “The building certainly catches your eye from the interstate.” He also stated the school’s teachers and students like their new school building.

The school is located at 1605 S. Corona Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO. For more information about the school, visit the school’s website.

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