Shell Complete for FEMA Rated Monolithic Dome Safe Room in Louisville, Mississippi

Complete dome shell.

The concrete dome shell of the FEMA rated safe room is now complete. In a few months, the Louisville Community Safe Room will be open to shelter over 2,000 people during severe weather.

Javier Figueroa

Crews recently completed a Monolithic Dome shell in Louisville, Mississippi for a FEMA-rated safe shelter. The shelter is part of a larger state initiative to protect communities from tornadoes like the deadly outbreak in April 2014 that claimed 10 lives in Louisville alone.

“Property and belongings can be replaced, but not people,” said Louisville Mayor Will Hill in a 2017 interview with “More than 2,000 people could easily fit in the shelter.”

With the shell complete, all that remains to do is interior finish work—mainly bathrooms and a storage area. The dome will serve students and faculty of two nearby elementary schools during an emergency.

It will also be used as a gym for both Fair and Louisville Elementary schools.

WCBI posted a story, The Louisville Dome Pops To Life with a timelapse of the Airform inflation.

Timelapse of the Airform membrane inflation for Louisville safe room in Louisville, Mississippi.