Tupelo, Mississippi Planning Three Monolithic Dome Safe Shelters

Tupelo Public Schools and the City of Tupelo, Mississippi plan to construct three Monolithic Dome multipurpose buildings and safe rooms. As WTVA reports, the district wants the buildings for more than just a safe place during a storm but also as a new gym, classrooms, and more.

The shelters will be built to hold the students and faculty at Carver, Thomas Street and Joyner Schools if there is severe weather during schools hours. They will also be made available to the general public.

But Tupelo school officials say the domed structures will provide more than just a place for storm shelters.

“The purposes is to have a multi-purpose to have gyms for our kids. Additional classroom space, gyms. Also anything that we can do to provide a more safe and secure environment for our faculty, staff and students as well as the community we want to be a part of that,” said Andy Cantrell the school district’s executive director of operations.

Watch School shelters in Tupelo report on WTVA’s website.