Tour a Remarkable Underground Monolithic Dome Home for Sale in North Texas [SOLD]

The hobbit house entrance to the underground Monolithic Dome house in Buffalo, Texas.

The entrance to the underground Monolithic Dome house is reminiscent of a hobbit house from The Lord of the Rings. A beautiful view of the morning sun and a pond greet residents upon exiting the home.

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[Update: As of January 29, 2021, the house is no longer on the market]

The underground dome house in North Texas is getting a lot of attention. This completely hidden Monolithic Dome home is totally unique, absolutely private, and currently up for sale. In addition to real estate listings and coverage by local news websites, national news outlets like and have published stories about this unusual house.

The upgraded kitchen features a stainless steel vent hood and granite countertops.

The upgraded kitchen features an al-fresco Mediterranean mural, stainless steel vent hood, double ovens, solid wood cabinets, and granite countertops.

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The article published on says, “In Buffalo, Texas, there’s a 40-acre property with a house that was made for someone who wants total privacy. The home, which is on the market for $2.25 million, is completely underground. While it clearly doesn’t get any natural light, the home’s walls and ceilings feature super colorful paintings that brighten the subterranean space.” reports, “The home … opens up into a dining, kitchen and entertainment area. The walls are covered with more murals and artwork, similar to the ones that cover the tunnel and lobby. … tunnels lead to other rooms in the house. Overall, the home has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and is about 3,000 square feet.”

The entrance tunnel and lobby vestibule to the underground dome home.

The tunnel leading from the front entrance is painted to look like an ancient stone passageway. The tunnel opens up into a brightly colored vestibule surrounding the entrance to the home’s great room.

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The listing agent, Terry Alexander, was quoted in the article on as saying, “While the structure has no natural light, the bright decor—including gigantic wall murals—and vaulted ceilings more than make up for it.”

A garage and shop are visible on the sprawling property.

Hidden from view is the underground dome home. Shown here are a garage and shop.

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The underground dome is currently hooked up to local utilities but could be completely off-grid. The property has a well, and included with the house is a generator with enough power to light up the house for two weeks. In addition to the 3,000 square foot home, this property has two utility sheds, two workshops or distribution centers totaling 7,500 square feet, and a garage that could be easily converted into two stories.

The fully fenced site is a sprawling 40-acre country haven in the small town of Buffalo, Texas, just 90 minutes from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. There are multiple spring-fed ponds, a beautiful deck for taking in the sunsets, and tons of garden space.

Kaufman County Home Hunter reports, “… this earth-bermed shelter hides under 40-acres of agriculture-ready land. The fenced property has two large distribution warehouses, two utility sheds, and a dome garage wired to be a two-story dome.”

An An aerial view of the sprawling 40-acre property.

An aerial view of the sprawling 40-acre property located just 90 minutes from the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex.

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A great deal of attention has been showered on this unique underground home, and it’s easy to see why. The biggest surprise might be that most of the focus hasn’t been solely directed at the invisible nature of the house but on the unique interior instead.

The front door, a hallway, and the door to the pantry feature whimsical murals.

The front door, a hallway, and a cleverly painted door to the pantry are shown here. Look closely at the dog’s tail to find the doorknob.

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In an article posted on, the author writes, “As for that paint: Three different artists helped to create the ornate wall and ceiling decor in the house. Most of the rooms have a theme, with clouds on the ceilings and elaborate murals. There’s a room that has an Acapulco beach theme, an Egyptian room, a space room, a Mayan room, and an ocean room. The bathroom resembles some kind of ancient temple.”

This retreat would be perfect for anyone wishing to enjoy the peace of a secluded and private world all their own.

The great room is painted to look like the grounds of a seaside Mediterranean villa.

Like the grounds of a seaside Mediterranean villa, the murals give the great room the feeling of being outdoors or on vacation.

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The dining area painted with a seaside patio view.

The dining area feels like an al fresco cafe somewhere on the coast of Greece or Italy.

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The walls in the office are white.

The office is the only room in the house that is painted white.

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A tunnel is painted to look as if it is underwater.

This undergroud tunnel feels like it might actually be underwater — like an underwater aquarium.

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An intense sunset is painted on the dome wall of this bedroom.

Dubbed the Mayan room, this bedroom is painted on one side with an intense sunset ocean. A large Mayan pyramid is depicted on the wall opposite.

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The second bedroom is painted to feel like a tropical cabana.

This bedroom features artwork that makes you feel as if your bed is sitting under a cabana on a tropical beach.

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A daybed and settee are shown in the third bedroom along with a doorway leading to a dedicated meditation space.

The third bedroom features a doorway to a dedicated meditation space.

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Cream and brown colored marble tile and countertops match the marble colums outside an oversized jetted bathtub.

The main bathroom is wrapped in Marble. Marble tiles adorn the floor and wall. They match the marble countertop and colums outside the luxurious tub.

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The EcoShell garage for the underground dome in Texas.

The garage to the underground home is visible above ground and features a tunnel to the main house.

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The pond, the hill the house is built under, a machine shop, and the entrance to the home.

A view from the pond shows the sloping hill above the underground dome home. You can spot the top of a working shop atop the hill and the entrance to the home next to the flag at the bottom of the hill.

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The deck with a place to drink coffee while enjoying the sounds of wildlife and the fountain on the pond.

Taken from the hillside of the house itself, this image communicates to peaceful respite found while sitting on the dock, watching the sunrise and listening to the sounds of birds and the fountain.

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The sprawling 40-acre homesite showing the ponds, garage, warehouses, and outbuilding on the property.

There are several warehouses, workshops, and out buildings included with the 40 acres of property on which (or under which) the underground house is built.

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