TBT: Design Inspiration in a Frozen Hotel

"Ikebana" art suite.

“Ikebana” by Hugh & Howard Miller

© Ice Hotel / Asaf Kliger

In today’s Throwback Thursday we revisit the Ice Hotel—200 km north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden. This unique hotel is built and rebuilt every winter using ice, snow, and a lot of creativity. It’s a masterpiece of design and is an inspiration for curved architectural elements that could be built—permanently—in a Monolithic Dome.

"Cumulus" art suite.

“Cumulus” by Annakatrin Kraus & Hans Aescht.

© Ice Hotel / Asaf Kliger

"Flock" art suite.

“Flock” by Lisa Lindqvist & Ulrika Tallving

© Ice Hotel / Asaf Kliger

We first presented the ice hotel in our 2016 article, “Curved inspiration in ice,” but it felt like we should revisit not only the previous photo gallery but to take at some of the new “art suites” built in the past few years.

The hotel is open with extra COVID-19 precautions. Because the bedrooms are literally made of ice, guests have access to a 24-hour heated facility with bathrooms, sauna, showers, and places to store guest belongings. Guests sleep in the ice rooms with warm clothing and provided sleeping bags.

"Kaamon aurinko" art suite.

“Kaamon aurinko — the sun of the polar night” by Katharina Wyss & Veronika Mayerböck

© Ice Hotel / Asaf Kliger

Each room is called an Art Suite and was designed and built by artisans from around the world. Look over the photos of recent years and also check out our earlier story for more.

"A Rich Seam" art suite.

“A Rich Seam” by Howard Miller & Hugh Miller

© Ice Hotel / Asaf Kliger

"Livoq" art suite.

“Livoq” by Fabien Champeval & Friederike Schroth

© Ice Hotel / Asaf Kliger

"Bone Room" art suite.

“Bone Room” by Rob Harding

© Ice Hotel / Asaf Kliger

"Crescents" art suite.

“Crescents” by Elin Julin & Ida Mangsbo

© Ice Hotel / Asaf Kliger

"Golden Ice" art suite.

“Golden Ice” by Nicolas Triboulot & Jean-Marie Guitera

© Ice Hotel / Asaf Kliger

"Spring Dream" art suite.

“Spring Dream” by Lei Zhao & Yong Zhao

© Ice Hotel / Asaf Kliger

"White Santorini" art suite.

“White Santorini” by Haemee Han Jae & Yual Lee

© Ice Hotel / Asaf Kliger

"Dreaming in a Dream" art suite.

“Dreaming in a Dream” by Kestutis Musteikis & Vytautas Musteikis

© Ice Hotel / Asaf Kliger

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