Spaceship Dome Home

Spaceship dome home.

Exterior of the spaceship dome home in Arvada, Colorado.

Ryan Dykstra

The monolithic-like concrete dome home in Arvada, Colorado is often called a spaceship. The name stuck. The “Spaceship” house was built in 1978 by Clarence and Louise Lederhos who lived in the home until 2016. Architect Jason Elliott Purdy designed the house. Construction of the home utilized an inflated form, polyurethane foam, and steel-reinforced concrete. It is an air-formed, steel-reinforced, concrete structure with polyurethane foam insulation. The steps describing its construction sounds like it diverged from the Monolithic Dome process, but the end result is similar.

The exact dimensions of the home are not known. We estimate it to be 50-feet (15.25 m) diameter by about 18-feet (5.5 m) tall. There is 2,500 square feet (232 m²) of living space with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, great room, kitchen, conversation pit, and wood fireplace. It sits on 2.9 acres of land with a horse corral, chicken coop, and a vineyard that—in 2019—reportedly could use some TLC.

The house was sold in 2016 and sold again 2019.