The South Sawmill Lodge in Island Park, Idaho.

Evening view of the main entrance to the South Sawmill Lodge in Island Park, Idaho.

South Sawmill Lodge

The South Sawmill Lodge & Reunion Center is a large family and group vacation lodge in Island Park, Idaho. Originally built as a family center by Rand South and his nine children, the facility has ten bedrooms, two bunk rooms with twenty total beds, a large surround-sound theater, a circular loft with zipline, a huge gathering area downstairs, a large kitchen, four bathrooms, and two children play areas under the staircases.

The dome is 90-feet (27.4 m) diameter by 20-feet (6.1 m) tall on a 20-foot (6.1 m) stem wall. The stem wall was formed with wood boards and sprayed in place with shotcrete on one side, then the boards are removed giving the exterior a wood-like appearance, but it is actually concrete. The Lodge encompasses 6,360 square feet (590 m²) on the ground floor with another 3,530 square feet (328 m²) on the second — a total of almost 10,000 square feet (920 m²).

The Lodge is near Island Park Reservoir, Mesa Falls, and an easy drive to Yellowstone National Park. It’s a fantastic place for riding snowmobiles with deep snow every year. Summers are beautiful with cool nights and an expansive view of the night sky with no light pollution.

The South family sold the lodge in 2021. The new owners plan to continue operations as a vacation rental.

The main floor with central fireplace.

The huge main floor is ideal for parties, dining, visiting, group games, and more. There are ten private bedrooms, 20 bunk beds, a large kitchen, seven bathrooms, a movie theater, and two games rooms.

South Sawmill Lodge