Silvershore Monolithic Dome Home

View of the Silvershore Dome Home.

View from the driveway of the Silvershore Monolithic Dome Home.

Bill Dyess, Realtor

Silvershore Monolithic Dome Home is a single-family residence on a beach near Pensacola, Florida. Constructed in 2004 to replace a home destroyed by Hurricane Ivan, the three-story dome features an oversized, open garage on the first floor, with a three-bedroom, four-bathroom home on the second and third floors.

The dome is a three-quarter sphere, 42 feet (12.8 m) in diameter at the base, 48 feet (14.6 m) in diameter at the belt line with an overall height of 35 feet (10.7 m). The 1,400 square foot (130.0 m²) base floor is entirely open with large, circular openings cut into the dome, facing the ocean. When a hurricane comes through, the storm surge passes through the base floor, under the living spaces above. Usually, the space is used as a garage and storage. A staircase and an elevator lead to the upstairs.

The second floor is 1,860 square feet (172.8 m²) and the loft is 900 square feet (83.6 m²) for a total of 2,760 square feet (256.4 m²) of living space. Distributed between the second and third floors are three bedrooms, three full bathrooms, a half bathroom, an exercise room, a kitchen, and a great room with living and dining areas.

The house sits on property at the mouth of Bayou Grande just south of Pensacola, Florida. The shoreline features a sandy beach with space for a dock for multiple ships.

The beach house was listed for sale in November 2022.