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Rendering of the Avalon gym.
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The construction process of the Avalon Multipurpose Center in Avalon, Texas. The Avalon ISD school administration broke ground on the new facility on December 19, 2001. The completed Monolithic Dome is 124-feet in diameter by 25-feet tall on a 12-foot stem wall. It features a full-size basketball court, four locker rooms, synthetic glass block foyer, restrooms, concessions, and seating for 720 spectators. … read more

Rendering of Italy High School gymnasium.
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The Italy High School Multipurpose Center is a 148-foot diameter gymnasium in Italy, Texas. The finished gym will accommodate 1500 and is expected to be finished on December 1, 2001. The facility will be used for basketball, physical education, volleyball, theatrical performances, and more. Beyond the gymnasium floor, the building includes locker rooms, restrooms, storage, a concession stand, and a ticket booth. The dome will also serve as an emergency shelter during severe weather. … read more

Pouring concrete foundation for underground home

The Technical Journal is a closer look at Monolithic Dome construction including how-to articles, construction galleries, design ideas, and more. … read more

FEMA P-361 are the published guidelines by the Federal Emergency Management Agency for constructing tornado safe rooms for communities and residences. It provides guidance in qualifying, constructing, and managing these structures. FEMA offers grants to communities and schools at-risk areas for tornadoes to build safe-rooms that meet FEMA P-361 guidelines. … read more

Michael South

Mike South is General Manager at Monolithic. He oversees all business, construction, and manufacturing operations. … read more

Market & Johnson, Inc. is a general contractor/construction management company. … read more

Visualizing the spherical dome calculator

The Monolithic Dome Institute blog with opinions and thoughts on construction, design, business, technology, and more. … read more

Dome Technology is a Monolithic Dome construction company founded by Barry South in 1988 in Idaho Falls, Idaho. … read more

Brick-like appearance of concrete stem-wall

Five Monolithic Domes under construction in Wisconsin will become the first Monolithic Dome school in the state. The Johnson Creek Middle School / High School will include classrooms, gymnasium, cafetorium (cafeteria and small auditorium), administration offices, and more. Good weather and hard work mean that construction is slightly ahead of schedule. Everyone is optimistic it will all be ready for the 2016-17 school year. … read more

Domes are often portrayed as the building of the future when they are one of humanity’s oldest structures. There are dome dwellings constructed as far back as 19,280 BC. The concrete dome Pantheon in Rome (126 AD) is the oldest, ancient structure with an intact roof and is still in use today. The Renaissance produced many famous domes, but the real renaissance in dome construction was in the 20th century. … read more

Monolithic Constructors, Inc., is the original Monolithic Dome construction company that started in 1980 by David, Barry, and Randy South. … read more

The International Code Council (ICC) standard for the Design and Construction of Storm Shelters. The ICC-500 is similar to the FEMA specification. … read more

Directory of companies and people involved in designing, producing, constructing, and supporting the Monolithic Dome, curved architecture, and related industries. … read more

Spraying polyurethane foam
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A Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop is a combination of hands-on training and classroom instruction. Equal time is given to studying dome construction principles in a classroom setting and to applying those principles by actually building a Monolithic Dome. … read more

Monolithic Dome Homes

Monolithic Domes have been built all over the world for a wide variety of uses ranging from gigantic mega-churches and bulk storages to tiny houses and safe rooms. They have been constructed as schools, performing arts and events centers, industrial complexes, community shelters, churches, apartments, business offices, and more. The Monolithic Dome’s free-span construction, energy efficiency, and disaster resistance make them the ideal structure for any private or public purpose. … read more

The first Monolithic Dome was a potato storage constructed in 1976 in Shelley, Idaho. The dome was 105-feet diameter by 35-feet tall. … read more

Shotcrete is a wet spray-mix of concrete used in a wide range of applications including the construction of the Monolithic Dome. … read more

Book cover of "Practical Design of Concrete Shells."

Practical Design of Concrete Shells book, written by Dr. Arnold Wilson specifically for engineers, architects, builders, and students of civil engineering, is a long overdue, sorely needed reference text on the construction of concrete thin shells. … read more