Palapa Pineapple Dome Home

Palapa Pineapple from outside.

The Palapa Pineapple Dome overlooks the Caribbean Sea. Dave and Mary Spellings enjoy the climate and the island culture.

Dave & Mary Spellings

Palapa Pineapple porch.

The dome has a 360-degree ocean view. The Caribbean Sea can be seen from the porch of the Palapa Pineapple.

Dave & Mary Spellings

The Palapa Pineapple is a beach-front Monolithic Dome home on Caye Caulker, Belize owned by David and Mary Spellings. It’s a tall, prolate ellipsoid—25.5-feet (7.8 m) diameter by 40-feet (12.2 m) tall—divided into four levels plus a rooftop patio.

The ground floor is a 508 square foot (47.2 m²) open space with four large, gated openings. It will normally be a garage, but during severe weather, storm surge can pass through openings. The iron gates are decorated with pineapples.

A curved staircase leads to the 570 square foot (53 m²) living room and kitchen on the second floor. Two covered patio decks stick out from the front and back of the second floor. The third floor is a 379 square foot (26 m²) bedroom that’s open to the living room below. An office/loft fills the 420 square foot (39 m²) fourth floor. And finally, a spiral staircase leads to the fifth level which is an open, 180 square foot (16.75 m²) scenic area on the roof.

With a thatched roof overhead, the scenic area allows 360-degree views of the island and ocean. The dome resembles a pineapple and serves as a landmark on the shoreline.

Palapa Pineapple in Belize.

Overlooking the Caribbean sits the Palapa Pineapple dome home. The local residents view the dome home as a local landmark.

Dave & Mary Spellings

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