Monolithic Dome Cameo in Upcoming ABC TV Show

Dome cameo.

Screenshot from Stumptown trailer showing Lone Star Northwest Inc’s cement storage dome in Portland, Oregon.


A shoutout for the Monolithic Dome making a brief cameo in the trailer for ABC’s new show, Stumptown. The trailer clearly shows the cement storage facility built for Lone Star Northwest, Inc. on the Willamette River in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Constructed in 1998 by Dome Technology using an Airform by Monolithic Constructors, Inc., the dome is 141-feet diameter and 74-feet tall. It stores dry bulk powder cement which comes in cargo ships from Asia.

Stumptown is a new show coming this fall starring Cobie Smulders—of Marvel movie fame—as a private investigator. The show is based on a graphic novel series by Greg Rucka.

The trailer looks promising.

Stumptown trailer—the dome is at 1:43.