Mile Hi Church Sanctuary

Mile Hi Church Sanctuary.

The Mile Hi Church Sanctuary in Lakewood, Colorado.

Sanctuary interior.

The dome sanctuary has a large stage with movable towers and platforms. The facility is state-of-the-art with professional audio, video, and lighting systems.

The Mile Hi Church Sanctuary is a 233-foot (71 m) diameter by 63-foot (19.2 m) tall Monolithic Dome. It is the third, and largest structure on the Mile Hi Church campus in Lakewood, Colorado. The huge dome required a 55,000 square foot (5100 m²) inflatable Airform membrane. The sanctuary seats 1,500 with plans to add a 600 seat balcony. The wooden stage features movable towers and platforms and can accommodate a 140-member choir.

The Mile Hi Church began in 1960 with only 17 adults who met as a study group. The interdenominational church grew to over 20,000 by 2008. The offer three Sunday and one Wednesday service plus various ministering services as well as activities and special events.

The first church sanctuary was an earth-bermed concrete thin-shell structure constructed in 1973. The new Monolithic Dome sanctuary opened in April 2008.

Earth-bermed concrete thin-shell.

The first church sanctuary was an earth-bermed concrete shell built in 1973.