Luxury Eco-Tourism Dome Hotel Coming to Costa Rica

Aerial rendering of IGLOO Beach Lodge.

Rendering of the IGLOO Beach Lodge in Costa Rica. Twenty-six domes are under construction. The hotel plans to open in December.

IGLOO Beach Lodge

A dome hotel is opening in Costa Rica this December. The IGLOO Beach Lodge is a series of individual Monolithic Domes surrounding a swimming pool. Each dome is a room with one or two beds with a huge windowed entryway. Vines will grow over the shells to complete what is billed as a luxury eco-tourism accommodation.

Courtyard rendering.

Rendering of the courtyard.

IGLOO Beach Lodge

According to the press release:

Ocean Park Hotels is pleased to announce that the upcoming launch of its luxury eco-tourism accommodation IGLOO Beach Lodge has been scheduled in December. An exclusive beach front property in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, IGLOO Beach Lodge is the first ever destination for the company. With the opening of this property, Ocean Park Hotels will also unveil a groundbreaking eco-friendly design concept that has never been tried in the hotel industry.

While designing IGLOO Beach Lodge, Ocean Park Hotels focused entirely on construction methodologies that are economical and come with very low environmental footprint. In addition to respecting the natural environment and local cultural traditions, they have also concentrated on two elements that are often missed out in today’s eco-tourism solutions.

A harmonious partnering of smart technologies with beautiful, natural landscapes

Innovative as well as whimsical design and experiences that go beyond the native or traditional treasures and create a whole new world of fun and imaginative possibilities.

It looks like a fantastic place to stay.

Complete dome shells.

The dome shells are complete.

IGLOO Beach Lodge