‘We're Going in Oklahoma’ Tours Finished Eagle Event Center

Video of the newly completed Eagle Event Center in Hennessey, Oklahoma.

Jack Quirk/ KJFilmWorks

Superintendent Mike Woods.

Superintendent Mike Woods showing the newly completed gymnasium competition court.

Jack Quirk/ KJFilmWorks

The Eagle Event Center in Hennessey, Oklahoma, is finished. Hennessey Public Schools received the Certificate of Occupancy and the new building is open—just in time for tonight’s graduation ceremony. Superintendent Mike Woods recently gave Jack Quirk of We’re Going in Oklahoma a tour of the new facility and we get to tag along in the newly posted video.

What’s in the new building? A competition court gymnasium for one. It can seat almost 2,000 for basketball, volleyball, wrestling. A floor covering can be placed for meetings, concerts, dances, and tonight’s graduation. A walking track surrounds the court on the upper level along with coaches’ offices, media booths, and a giant 10-foot tall by 32-foot wide ultra high definition TV screen. There are locker rooms, restrooms, a one-fo-a-kind full-service training room, concessions, and the district offices on the main floor.

Preparing for graduation.

The wood floor is covered with a protective carpeted covering and prepared for tonight’s graduation ceremony.

Jack Quirk/ KJFilmWorks

The finished structure took 16-months to complete and is the first Monolithic Dome constructed using soft-formed stem wall technology developed by South Industries. A steel ring is attached to two inflatable membranes. When inflated both the wall and the domed top are formed. Polyurethane foam, steel rebar, and concrete are applied to the interior. When the dome shell was complete, a brick veneer was added to the exterior. The completed structure is a one-piece structure that is energy efficient and extremely strong.

How strong? The dome is the community tornado shelter. When a tornado warning is issued, an automated system unlocks the front doors to allow community members to take refuge until the storm passes.

Tonight’s graduation will be limited to close family members due to COVID-19 restrictions. Also, the coronavirus pushed the public open house is to August.

Jack Quirk with We’re Going in Oklahoma documented the Eagle Event Center construction from foundation to completion. Watch all the episodes on the We’re Going in Oklahoma YouTube channel.

The finished Eagle Event Center.

The finished Eagle Event Center is more than a gym, it’s a community center, the school district offices, a training facility, and so much more.

Jack Quirk/ KJFilmWorks