Eye of the Storm for Sale [SOLD]

Eye of the Storm.

The Monolithic Dome home known as Eye of the Storm is for sale, here seen from the beachside.

Pareto Group / Submitted Media

Located on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina is a beautiful Monolithic Dome home known as “Eye of the Storm.” That beachfront property can be yours because the home is now up for sale.

Listed at $4.9 million, this hurricane proof home sits on a 0.48 acre lot that is only 230 feet from the beach. It features three bedrooms, five bathrooms, and other amenities and is one of the most well-known dome homes in the country.

Private deck.

The master bedroom private deck.

Pareto Group / Submitted Media

The home was built in 1991 by George Paul, a designer and builder of dome structures, for his parents. The home sits on the site of a home that was lost to a hurricane a few years earlier. Paul had hurricanes in mind when he designed the home, giving it eight huge openings at the ground level, five of which are big enough to drive through. This design allows storm surge to pass through, leaving the main structure unharmed.

The home has become a local landmark and is known to some as the “Star Wars” house. It has been featured several times in the media over the years. The home itself is estimated to weigh 650 tons.

This is the first time the home has been listed for sale since it was built 27 years ago. The interior recently went through a renovation. It is listed with Michael Royal at Pareto Group. Anyone interested in buying this Charleston-area home should contact him.

SOLD in October 2018

Home location.

The home is situated at the northeastern tail of Sullivan’s Island in South Carolina, close to a wide beach but behind a vegetative barrier.

Pareto Group / Submitted Media


The staircase coming down to the living room.

Pareto Group / Submitted Media

Great living room.

The main living spaces on the second and third floors are suspended directly from the dome shell. This creates a huge, open living space.

Pareto Group / Submitted Media

Dining table.

View from the dining table of the living room and the beautiful oceanside beyond the windows.

Pareto Group / Submitted Media

Kitchen view.

Even the kitchen has a wonderful view.

Pareto Group / Submitted Media

Custom kitchen.

A brand new, custom kitchen.

Pareto Group / Submitted Media

Sand dunes.

The former owner says that it feels like living in an extension of the sand dunes.

Pareto Group / Submitted Media

Beach view.

The view of the beach from the home, only 230 feet away.

Pareto Group / Submitted Media

Sculpted fireplace.

Sculpted fireplace

Pareto Group / Submitted Media

Master bedroom.

The master bedroom strikes the perfect balance between privacy and exposure to the wonder outside.

Pareto Group / Submitted Media

Master bath circular tub.

The new Japanese soaking tub with surrounding Ipe paneling was the idea of Chris Brace of Brace Builders, the renovation contractor. He created a spa feel for this special location in the house

Pareto Group / Submitted Media


A view of the master bedroom’s 159 square feet private deck and the beach beyond

Pareto Group / Submitted Media

Guest room.

One of the guest bedrooms, with views to the beach and access to the main deck

Pareto Group / Submitted Media

Upper floor.

The upper floors of the home feature a wet bar area and an office nest for deep thinking.

Pareto Group / Submitted Media

High, overhead, aerial view.

Aerial view of the home, situated on the beach on Sullivan’s Island in South Carolina.

Pareto Group / Submitted Media

Elliptical dome shape.

The elliptical shape of the Eye of the Storm.

Pareto Group / Submitted Media

Street view.

The driveway view from Marshall Boulevard.

Pareto Group / Submitted Media

Main deck.

The great deck is an anchor for both coffee breaks and major parties.

Pareto Group / Submitted Media


The beach right in front of the home.

Pareto Group / Submitted Media

Sand bars.

The abstract form of the constantly changing ocean gully in front of the home. Shallow water is great for the youngest kids. The ocean lies beyond the sandbar for the older ones.

Pareto Group / Submitted Media


Sunrise panorama taken in front of the home.

Pareto Group / Submitted Media

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