Anthony N. Fusco, Sr. Athletic Center & Academic Center

Exterior of the Anthony N. Fusco, Sr. Athletic Center.

The Delaware Military Academy is focused on creating good citizens. Over 500 cadets attend the academy and participate in academic and athletic activities that prepare students for a successful future. The addition to a Monolithic Dome to campus has given the students access to more resources to achieve their goals.

Tatiana Crandall / Monolithic Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

Anthony N. Fusco, Sr. Athletic & Academic Center is a beautiful addition to the Delaware Military Academy’s campus. School administration at the Academy saw a need for the students to have more space for athletic and academic activities, and, after a thorough cost analysis, decided a dome gymnasium could provide this extra space. Due to the lower costs for construction, maintenance, and utilities, the dome has proven to be a financially wise decision. The collaboration of a few different companies was able to produce the new facility for the young cadets to utilize.

The 151-feet (46 m) diameter dome stands 30-feet (9 m) tall. The 27,000 square feet (2,508 m²) dome interior includes a 750 seat gymnasium, six classrooms, science labs, locker rooms, training space for athletes, a sound system, and additional office space.

The cadets attending the Academy have enjoyed using the new facilities. They have more space for practicing sports, and additional classrooms for their freshman classmen.

The $6 million dollar project was possible due to the generosity of local real estate developer and philanthropist, Anthony N. Fusco, Sr. He donated $2.5 million dollars to fund the project, to the gratitude of the school administration and students.

The completed dome gave the school 40 percent more space to be utilized and gave the sports teams a home base to practice and play.

Gymnasium Inside the Athletic Center.

The interior of the dome includes a 750 seat gymnasium for the cadets to practice and to host games in. The students enjoy home-court advantage in their new arena.

Tatiana Crandall / Monolithic Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0