Chavez Ranch Road Monolithic Dome Home

Red rock coated Chavez Ranch Road dome home.

The giant Monolithic Dome home on Chavez Ranch Road embraced the Sedona red rock style. The 10 bedroom, 7 bathroom home is a popular vacation lodging near the picturesque town of Sedona, Arizona.

Ratcliff Photography / Submitted Media

Looking up the central atrium.

Looking up through the open, central atrium at the incredibly blue sky. Windows line all levels of the multi-story atrium to draw in the fresh air and provide natural sunlight throughout the residence.

Galloway Realty / Submitted Media

The Chavez Ranch Road dome home is a large Monolithic Dome residence that is also a vacation rental. With ten bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and many amenities, the home is an unmistakable landmark along the banks of Oak Creek just south of Sedona, Arizona.

The Monolithic Dome is a huge prolate ellipsoid measuring 98-feet (29.9 m) long by 68-feet (20.7 m) wide by 34-feet (10.4 m) tall on a 2-foot (0.6 m) stem wall. With an elliptical foundation, the stem wall could not be inflated and had to be pressed into place with plywood forms during construction. The house encloses 11,200 square feet of floor area (1,040 m²).

A unique, open-air atrium clad with windows stands in the center core and opens atop the dome. Light from the atrium floods through its many windows into the dome at all levels.

The home sold in 2019 and remodeled from a mostly gray color to a solid, Sedona red motif complete with a red-rock-like exterior coating. The home was listed in 2021 and sold for $1.45 million.