Easter Sunday Tornados Send Residents to Monolithic Dome Safe Rooms

Residents in dome safe room.

Residents of Starkville, Mississippi, in the Oktibbeha County Community Safe Room during tornado watch on April 12, 2020. Social distancing is needed because COVID-19 restrictions.

@CC_Stormwatch / Fair Use

A tornado outbreak, Sunday evening, wreaked havoc throughout the south. Residents in Starkville, Mississippi, took refuge in a Monolithic Dome safe room.

Allison Chinchar, Jay Croft and Brandon Griggs report:

There have been more than a dozen tornado reports across eastern Texas, northern Louisiana and southern Mississippi and a tornado early Sunday was confirmed south of Marble Falls, about 50 miles east of Austin, in Texas the weather service said. It appeared to weaken as it moved northward.

The threat from the storms coincided with the dangers from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Officials in Mississippi said most county safe rooms were equipped with hand sanitizer and advised residents to still wear masks in the rooms.

“Social distance as best as possible while inside the safe room,” said Malary White, a spokeswoman with the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency.

From a tornado shelter in Starkville, Mississippi, Craig Ceecee told CNN staff were telling people to practice social distancing.

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