Throwback: Our Monolithic Dome Home on a Hill

Sunset picture of Arcadia Dome Home.

A sunset shot of Arcadia Dome Home. The house sits on the edge of the south bench in Providence, Utah, with a spectacular view of Cache Valley and the mountains beyond.

Dave South

While writing about preparing for real-world emergencies I realized there is virtually nothing about our home, Arcadia, on this website. We built the home six years ago and posted several great stories on with pictures of its design, construction, and completion. It’s time to migrate and update the articles.

We moved to Providence, Utah, in 2006 and lived in a traditional house for seven years. It was a nice, modern house, built to code. Yet, having lived in domes for years, the traditional house always performed poorly in comparison. Cold nights seeped through the walls. The temperature was always uneven. A wildfire on the mountainside behind our home sure put us on edge. In 2013, we sold the house, moved into a townhome, and began our own dome building odyssey.

In Arcadia—Our new Monolithic Dome home we talk about finding land, the design process, and obtaining financing. While in Shell complete for Arcadia Monolithic Dome home we expand on the whole process and include 23 photos of the shell construction. And in Photo gallery: Arcadia dome home interior we share 31 photos of the finished interior.

I updated the stories and added new photos. Check out the Arcadia Dome Home project page for the complete list of articles.

Black and white picture of the fence and backyard at Arcadia.

We just added a short block wall between the driveway and backyard.

Dave South