Domes are often portrayed as the building of the future when they are one of humanity’s oldest structures. There are dome dwellings constructed as far back as 19,280 BC. The concrete dome Pantheon in Rome (126 AD) is the oldest, ancient structure with an intact roof and is still in use today. The Renaissance produced many famous domes, but the real renaissance in dome construction was in the 20th century. … read more

This free evaluation is intended to give a general idea of the scope and cost for a potential Monolithic Dome safe room project. It will be based on the extensive files and experience of our staff and associated professionals. Of course, it is just a ballpark estimate to help start the process. This is a free service and you are under no obligation. … read more

Catoosa Cafeteria safe room

A Monolithic Dome safe room is designed to withstand tornadoes, hurricanes, and other disasters. It meets the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA P-361) standards for “near-absolute protection” for sheltering-in-place. But a Monolithic Dome safe room is more than a building. It’s comfort during the storm. It’s lives saved. It’s a place of recovery. … read more

Inflated Airform membrane

The Elkhart Ammonium Nitrate Storage is a Monolithic Dome storage built at the El Dorado Agricultural Products retail facility in Elkhart, Texas. It stores 20,000 tons (18 kt) of granular ammonium nitrate in a 115-foot (35 m) diameter hemisphere on a 36-foot (11 m) integrated stem-wall. The overall height is 92.5-feet (28 m), making it the tallest building in Elkhart. … read more

The Monolithic Dome Institute offers a free service to organizations seeking a Monolithic Dome for a school, church, safe room, sports facility, or storage. We have extensive files on structures built across all industries plus we have access to industry experts and professionals. We can help with an initial look at how a Monolithic Dome can fit a potential project. These evaluations are meant to give a ballpark idea of a basic look and price for a structure without a long-term commitment. … read more

Michael South is the General Manager of Monolithic and a contributor to the Monolithic Dome Institute. … read more

Delaware State Park Tornado Shelter
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Ohio is probably not the first State people think of when discussing tornadoes. Oklahoma or Kansas are more likely to provoke visions of violent skies and Dorothy running for the storm cellar. Yet, 36 tornadoes already struck Ohio this year — double the total tornadoes in 2018. “We are not dealing with a theoretical hazard,” said Sean Miller at the open house of the new Delaware State Park Tornado Shelter. “This is a very realistic hazard … and campers are vulnerable.” … read more

Congressman Kevin Brady speaks about FEMA grant

Several Monolithic Dome safe rooms recently made it into the news. A nearly completed safe room in Mississippi was used for the first time as a large storm approached the community. Tuscaloosa, Alabama, opened its new community center and tornado shelter dome. A first responder safe room grant awarded to Covenant Christian School in Texas. And a Tennesse high school applies for FEMA grant for a combined gymnasium and safe room. … read more

Eye of the Storm
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Located on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina is a beautiful Monolithic Dome home known as “Eye of the Storm.” That beachfront property can be yours because the home is now up for sale. Listed at $4.9 million, this hurricane proof home is spread across 4,097 square feet. It features three bedrooms, five bathrooms, and other amenities and is one of the most well-known dome homes in the country. … read more

Eye of the Storm

The Eye of the Storm is a beautiful Monolithic Dome beach house right on the Atlantic shore of Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina. George Paul of Thermospheric Structures, Inc. built the house for his parents to replace the home they lost to Hurricane Hugo. He intended the home to be a shelter during a hurricane and be completely livable after the storm. George Paul designed Eye of the Storm to suggest a seashell that could be part of the beach itself. … read more