The Lincoln Community Safe Room is a FEMA P-361 and ICC 500 rated storm shelter that can protect up to 2,218 people during severe weather. It is also a community center for the city of Louisville, Mississippi. During the school year, it is used as an activity center for two adjacent elementary schools. Private organizations can also rent the facility for their own events. … read more

Aerial rendering of IGLOO Beach Lodge

A dome hotel is opening in Costa Rica this December. The IGLOO Beach Lodge is a series of individual Monolithic Domes surrounding a swimming pool. Each dome is a room with one or two beds with a huge windowed entryway. Vines will grow over the shells to complete what is billed as a luxury eco-tourism accommodation. … read more

Aerial view of the Mathena Family Event Center

The Mathena Family Event Center is a 35,000 square foot (3,250 m²) Monolithic Dome event center built as part of the Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center in Davis, Oklahoma. The multi-purpose facility can host nearly 2,000 people in a large meeting space that can be subdivided into individual conference rooms. The attached commercial-style kitchen supports banquets and other dining events. … read more

Michael South is the General Manager of Monolithic and a contributor to the Monolithic Dome Institute. … read more

Mile Hi Church Sanctuary
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“We’ve built a work of heart!” On its website that’s how Mile Hi Church in Lakewood, Colorado talks about its new sanctuary — a huge Monolithic Dome that called for an Airform of over 55,000 square feet. Opened in April 2008, the dome has a diameter of 233 feet, a height of 63 feet, a seating capacity of 1500, and a balcony that will eventually accommodate 600 more. … read more

Mile Hi Church Sanctuary

The Mile Hi Church Sanctuary is a 233-foot (71 m) diameter by 63-foot (19.2 m) tall Monolithic Dome. It is the third, and largest structure on the Mile Hi Church campus in Lakewood, Colorado. The huge dome required a 55,000 square foot (5100 m²) inflatable Airform membrane. The sanctuary seats 1,500 with plans to add a 600 seat balcony. The wooden stage features movable towers and platforms and can accommodate a 140-member choir. … read more

Great Dome at MIT

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Great Dome is a 100-foot (30.5 m) diameter concrete and limestone dome. It sits on top of Building 10 in the heart of the MIT campus. Completed in 1916, the whole building complex is an early example of steel reinforced, concrete construction. Building the dome required a grid-like scaffolding framework to create the dome shape which was then poured with concrete and covered with limestone blocks imported from Indiana. … read more

The Monolithic Dome Research Park is the multi-dome campus near Italy, Texas, and headquarters for Monolithic and the Monolithic Dome Institute. … read more

The Monolithic Dome Roundup is our email newsletter. It is a lightweight email delivered only once or twice a month. It mainly shows what’s new on our website. … read more

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David, Barry and Randy South switched on the inflator fans to construct the first Monolithic Dome in April 1976. It was for a potato storage in Shelley, Idaho — 105-feet diameter by 35-feet tall, which was pretty ambitious for their first dome. It changed their lives. They patented the process and started changing the world, one dome at a time.

Today, there are Monolithic Domes throughout the United States and the world — from the Arctic to the tropics — used for schools, storages, churches, homes, gymnasiums, safe rooms and much more. There are domes as small as 8-feet to over 340-feet diameter with engineering for even larger structures. … read more

Inside a Transverse Airform
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The offer for a commemorative plaque always arrives first when a patent is granted. The plaque company usually beats the patent office by a day or two. It’s an effective marketing strategy; after all, Monolithic has five of these plaques. Now there will be six. A couple of days later, the official notice from the United States Patent and Trademark office arrives. Monolithic Constructors, Inc., is granted patent number 10,400,462 for the “Transverse Span Airform Structure.” … read more

The phrase, “near-absolute protection” is defined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to mean “based on our current knowledge of tornadoes and hurricanes, the occupants of a safe room built in accordance with [FEMA361] guidance will have a very high probability of being protected from injury or death.“ … read more