Spaceship dome home

The monolithic-like concrete dome home in Arvada, Colorado is often called a spaceship. The name stuck. The “Spaceship” house was built in 1978 by Clarence and Louise Lederhos who lived in the home until 2016. Architect Jason Elliott Purdy designed the house. Construction of the home utilized an inflated form, polyurethane foam, and steel-reinforced concrete. It is an air-formed, steel-reinforced, concrete structure with polyurethane foam insulation. The steps describing its construction sounds like it diverged from the Monolithic Dome process, but the end result is similar. … read more

Aerial view
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Rarely does a home with such a rich history and distinctive architecture become available. This extraordinary home — which sits on approximately 3 acres — was constructed in 1978 by the current, original owners. It was a time between two of the worst energy crises in the U.S. — 1973 and 1979 — caused by interruptions in petroleum exports from the Middle East. Oil prices skyrocketed, and many homeowners began to look for alternative energy sources to run their homes. Others decided the best solution was to use less energy. … read more

Back porch
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Architect Jason Elliott Purdy designed the “spaceship” house for Clarence and Louise Lederhos who constructed the dome in 1978. “For some reason, I always wanted to live in a round house,” said Louise Lederhos in an interview. “But it was the energy efficiency that drew us to this design.” In 2016, they sold their home. Today, it’s on the market again. … read more

The phrase, “near-absolute protection” is defined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to mean “based on our current knowledge of tornadoes and hurricanes, the occupants of a safe room built in accordance with [FEMA361] guidance will have a very high probability of being protected from injury or death.“ … read more

Delaware State Park Tornado Shelter
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Ohio is probably not the first State people think of when discussing tornadoes. Oklahoma or Kansas are more likely to provoke visions of violent skies and Dorothy running for the storm cellar. Yet, 36 tornadoes already struck Ohio this year — double the total tornadoes in 2018. “We are not dealing with a theoretical hazard,” said Sean Miller at the open house of the new Delaware State Park Tornado Shelter. “This is a very realistic hazard … and campers are vulnerable.” … read more

FEMA P-361 are the published guidelines by the Federal Emergency Management Agency for constructing tornado safe rooms for communities and residences. It provides guidance in qualifying, constructing, and managing these structures. FEMA offers grants to communities and schools at-risk areas for tornadoes to build safe-rooms that meet FEMA P-361 guidelines. … read more

Flowing fireplace
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I’m often asked if there’s a trick to installing fireplaces in a Monolithic Dome. It’s pretty straightforward. The real question is, “Do you need the fireplace?” I see the romantic appeal of visiting around a glowing fire or the desire to reduce your heating bill. However, the energy efficiency of the dome typically changes a need for a fireplace into a want. If you decide you really want a fireplace, here are some tips on installing one in a Monolithic Dome. … read more

The Monolithic Dome Institute is the authoritative source for information, training, and news regarding the Monolithic Dome.  … read more

Aerial view of Monolithic Dome fertilizer blend plant
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The tent is up, chairs placed underneath, tables set up nearby, grills are hot, steaks are ready, and pickups are parking on the grassy field. Time again for the annual Jackson Farmers, Inc. open house where farmers see demonstration crops, listen to sales presentations, eat steak, drink beer, and — this time — inspect their new Monolithic Dome fertilizer blend plant. … read more

Jackson Farmers Fertilizer Blend Plant

The Jackson Farmers Blend Plant is a 3,000 ton (2,700 t) retail fertilizer blend plant near Holton, Kansas. The 100-foot (30.5 m) diameter by 35-foot (10.7 m) tall oblate ellipsoid dome is embedded into the hillside. Delivery trucks drive up the hill, around the dome, to a simple, angled conveyor which carries the delivered product to the apex of the dome. The product drops vertically onto a polar conveyor inside the dome where it is carried to one of seven large storage bins. … read more

Aerial rendering of IGLOO Beach Lodge

A dome hotel is opening in Costa Rica this December. The IGLOO Beach Lodge is a series of individual Monolithic Domes surrounding a swimming pool. Each dome is a room with one or two beds with a huge windowed entryway. Vines will grow over the shells to complete what is billed as a luxury eco-tourism accommodation. … read more

Inside a Transverse Airform
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The offer for a commemorative plaque always arrives first when a patent is granted. The plaque company usually beats the patent office by a day or two. It’s an effective marketing strategy; after all, Monolithic has five of these plaques. Now there will be six. A couple of days later, the official notice from the United States Patent and Trademark office arrives. Monolithic Constructors, Inc., is granted patent number 10,400,462 for the “Transverse Span Airform Structure.” … read more

Aerial view of Drummond Public Schools Gymnasium

The multi-purpose Monolithic Dome at Drummond Public Schools serves as a gymnasium, auditorium, classroom, and FEMA rated safe-room. The K-12 school completed the 123-foot (35.5 m) diameter by 39-foot (12 m) tall structure in 2016. … read more

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