Cafeteria dome entrance
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A new Monolithic Dome now stands on the school grounds where a tornado came tearing through 23 years ago. Catoosa, Oklahoma, a suburb of Tulsa, was the site of a F4 storm in 1993 that killed seven people and injured many more. Thanks to a new Monolithic Dome, people at the school can now feel safe from another such storm.  … read more

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An oblate ellipsoid is a common shape for Monolithic Domes. The foundation is circular, but the profile is elliptically shaped. It creates higher “walls” around the outside of the dome, giving more headroom. … read more

Delaware State Park Tornado Shelter
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Ohio is probably not the first State people think of when discussing tornadoes. Oklahoma or Kansas are more likely to provoke visions of violent skies and Dorothy running for the storm cellar. Yet, 36 tornadoes already struck Ohio this year — double the total tornadoes in 2018. “We are not dealing with a theoretical hazard,” said Sean Miller at the open house of the new Delaware State Park Tornado Shelter. “This is a very realistic hazard … and campers are vulnerable.” … read more

Palapa Pineapple dome home inflated airform

The Palapa Pineapple is a beach-front Monolithic Dome home on Caye Caulker, Belize owned by David and Mary Spellings. It’s a tall, prolate ellipsoid — 25.5-feet (7.8 m) diameter by 40-feet (12.2 m) tall — divided into four levels plus a rooftop patio. … read more

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A prolate ellipsoid or prolate spheroid is a special general ellipsoid where it is elliptically shaped in the major or long axis and circularly shaped in the minor or short axis. Simply put, it looks like a watermelon or a rugby ball. … read more

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A Monolithic Dome school is unique. Distinct. Different. It challenges the community to ask, why? Why build something so alien? Why can’t it look like other structures? Why does it have to be round? Why would anyone want that? And why are so many schools choosing to build a Monolithic Dome? What makes this building process so compelling? … read more

Spaceship dome home

The monolithic-like concrete dome home in Arvada, Colorado is often called a spaceship. The name stuck. The “Spaceship” house was built in 1978 by Clarence and Louise Lederhos who lived in the home until 2016. Architect Jason Elliott Purdy designed the house. Construction of the home utilized an inflated form, polyurethane foam, and steel-reinforced concrete. It is an air-formed, steel-reinforced, concrete structure with polyurethane foam insulation. The steps describing its construction sounds like it diverged from the Monolithic Dome process, but the end result is similar. … read more

Back porch
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Architect Jason Elliott Purdy designed the “spaceship” house for Clarence and Louise Lederhos who constructed the dome in 1978. “For some reason, I always wanted to live in a round house,” said Louise Lederhos in an interview. “But it was the energy efficiency that drew us to this design.” In 2016, they sold their home. Today, it’s on the market again. … read more

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The "V" logo
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Facing west toward the Front Range of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, The Vanguard School in Colorado Springs provides a dramatic foreground thanks to its royal blue sports field and the dome structure situated nearby. The 20,000-square foot Monolithic Dome houses twelve classrooms and two science labs for the school’s 215 seventh and eighth graders. “It looks cool,” says student Ciera. “A lot of people see it and wonder what that thing is and I get to tell them it’s the junior high building!” … read more