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The caterpillar shaped design of Golden Eye dome home.
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Margaret Clayton is selling her Monolithic Dome home, Golden Eye. Set on Beacon Hill near Mexico Beach, Florida, the house is caterpillar shaped to fit the narrow lot. Traffic in front of the house is light even though it is only one street back from the busy beach road. It’s also an easy walk to two public access paths to the beach. … read more

Top view of Captain America's shield
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MIT students hacked the MIT Great Dome by turning it into Captain America’s shield in honor of Avengers: Endgame. Students carefully covered the dome with a fabric “shield” on Saturday, April 27, 2019, during the opening weekend of Endgame. MIT sophomore Raymond Huffman shot a drone video of the shield on Sunday morning. By Monday, the shield was taken down. … read more

Main entrance
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Forecasts predicted Hurricane Michael would land in Panama City as a strong, but still manageable, Category 3 hurricane. Employees of the Humane Society of Bay County — along with their families, friends, cats, and dogs — spent the day preparing to ride out the hurricane under the protection of their Monolithic Dome. As everyone settled in for the night, no one expected anything too severe. Then Hurricane Michael intensified into the strongest hurricane to ever hit the Florida panhandle. … read more

Mile Hi Church Sanctuary
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“We’ve built a work of heart!” On its website that’s how Mile Hi Church in Lakewood, Colorado talks about its new sanctuary — a huge Monolithic Dome that called for an Airform of over 55,000 square feet. Opened in April 2008, the dome has a diameter of 233 feet, a height of 63 feet, a seating capacity of 1500, and a balcony that will eventually accommodate 600 more. … read more

Palapa Pineapple by Caribbean
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For the Spellings, a house on the beach was their dream. Inspired by a Monolithic Dome Island Resort, Dave Spellings decided that a dome would be the perfect abode for him and his wife. Overlooking the Caribbean Sea, the two-story dome home provides a comfortable place for the couple to enjoy their island life.  … read more

Calculator results for wide prolate ellipsoid dome home design.
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The MDI Horizontal Ellipsoid Calculator is for an ellipsoid dome with an elliptical base. Input either the overall ellipsoid shape or the dimensions of the elliptical floor. Results include the dome surface area, surface distance, and volume along with the floor perimeter and area. … read more

A yellow and blue dome shows our emblem of support for Ukraine.

The colors of the Ukrainian flag — sunflower yellow and sky blue — are everywhere. The colors grace magazines, landmarks, clothing, flowers, and even cosmonauts. We are adding our own emblem of support with a Monolithic Dome twist — and a plea. … read more

Finished metal exterior
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Knowing that a Monolithic Dome would make an ideal fertilizer storage, in 1978 I sent information to a fertilizer magazine. They wrote an article, featuring the Monolithic Dome as a new product, and I received a call from Bill Matthews in Chandler, Oklahoma. Bill wanted a fertilizer storage dome on a site just off America’s famous highway — Route 66. … read more

The great room and entryway of the underground house in Buffalo, Texas.
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Visitors to Glenn Young’s Monolithic Dome home often have a problem finding his front door. That’s because Glenn and John St. Pé, co-owners of Dome Contractors, Inc., built Glenn’s Monolithic Dome home completely underground. “We’ve had people come out who didn’t know there was a house there and actually parked on top of it,” Glenn said. … read more

Calculation for 20-foot diameter, 7-foot tall, 3.5-stem wall dome
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The MDI Ellipsoid Dome Calculator is used to calculate half-ellipsoids — oblate or prolate — with an optional stem wall. It helps with quick design ideas as well as provide accurate measurements when finalizing structural elements. Outputs include circumference, surface area, volume, building distances, floor area. … read more

Sweet Dome Alabama dome home near New Hope, Alabama.
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Back when their children were just kids and Beverly and Kenneth Garcia took family vacations, they discovered beautiful New Hope, Alabama. “We were then living in Mississippi, but we fell in love with the New Hope area,” Bev said. “It’s gorgeous up here - the mountains and the lake and we like to fly fish.” Then and there Ken and Bev decided that when they retired, they would relocate to New Hope. … read more

Before and after images of the renovated Monolithic Dome home
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When my wife came across a Monolithic Dome for sale in Northern Florida, it was on the market at a very good price because of prolonged water damage when the stucco system covering the Airform had failed. Due to the design of the openings, the cracking of the stucco had allowed water to compromise all of the exterior stud wall structures at each door. With my background in engineering and our joint experience in renovating spaces, we felt we were up to the challenge of restoring the dome. … read more