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A panoramic image of the whole interior.
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Michelangelo (1475–1564) looked at everything with an artist’s critical eye, and he was not easily impressed. But when Michelangelo first saw the Pantheon in the early 1500s, he proclaimed it of “angelic and not human design.” The Pantheon’s concrete dome inspired landmarks worldwide and is the spiritual ancestor to the modern Monolithic Dome. … read more

Beautiful exterior sketch of a Monolithic Dome Home.
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The single most important step in any construction project is the “word picture.” Most of the time, when someone starts thinking about their dream home, they get out a pencil and start sketching. It’s an understandable impulse, but sketches and floor plans don’t communicate your intentions to a designer very well. The best way to order your priorities and communicate them effectively is through a word picture. A word picture is a detailed description of what you want and need in your new home. It should be well thought out and detailed to the point of describing the dimensions of rooms, the direction they should face, their arrangement in the house, and the overall feeling of the home you are hoping to create.  … read more

Aerial rendering of IGLOO Beach Lodge

A dome hotel is opening in Costa Rica this December. The IGLOO Beach Lodge is a series of individual Monolithic Domes surrounding a swimming pool. Each dome is a room with one or two beds with a huge windowed entryway. Vines will grow over the shells to complete what is billed as a luxury eco-tourism accommodation. … read more

Multi-dome Airform inflated
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Has the idea of living in an underground home tempted you? If so, you’re part of a growing minority. More and more people, worldwide, have already or plan to build an earth-sheltered or earth-bermed home. Earth-sheltered homes usually have their tops and sides completely covered with earth, while earth-bermed homes usually have an exposed side and roof. … read more

Aerial view of Monolithic Dome fertilizer blend plant
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The tent is up, chairs placed underneath, tables set up nearby, grills are hot, steaks are ready, and pickups are parking on the grassy field. Time again for the annual Jackson Farmers, Inc. open house where farmers see demonstration crops, listen to sales presentations, eat steak, drink beer, and — this time — inspect their new Monolithic Dome fertilizer blend plant. … read more

The Vanguard School in Colorado Springs

A Monolithic Dome school is unique. Distinct. Different. It challenges the community to ask, why? Why build something so alien? Why can’t it look like other structures? Why does it have to be round? Why would anyone want that? And why are so many schools choosing to build a Monolithic Dome? What makes this building process so compelling? … read more

Xanadu exterior
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Xanadu — Samuel Taylor Coleridge coined that name for his imagined paradise in 1797. Some two hundred years later, Ivan and Judy Sheinbaum began creating their Xanadu — a Monolithic Dome tropical island resort on Ambergris Caye in the West Caribbean nation of Belize. … read more

Plan diagram of wind forces against a concrete dome shell.
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“The Monolithic Dome is the most disaster-resistant building that can be built at a reasonable price without going underground or into a mountain,” writes Dr. Arnold Wilson — the expert in Monolithic Dome engineering. Dr. Wilson analyzes the tornado and earthquake resistance of Monolithic Domes in this seminal first whitepaper on the Monolithic Dome. … read more

Gray concrete exterior.
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Beverly and Kenneth Garcia are selling their Monolithic Dome home, the wonderfully named Sweet Dome Alabama. This amazing house is built on a hillside — 140-feet above the valley floor — on 45 acres surrounded by a forest near New Hope, Alabama. The combination of woodsy interior and tri-dome shape make this home both futuristic and rustic. … read more

Cafeteria dome entrance
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A new Monolithic Dome now stands on the school grounds where a tornado came tearing through 23 years ago. Catoosa, Oklahoma, a suburb of Tulsa, was the site of a F4 storm in 1993 that killed seven people and injured many more. Thanks to a new Monolithic Dome, people at the school can now feel safe from another such storm.  … read more

Congressman Kevin Brady speaks about FEMA grant

Several Monolithic Dome safe rooms recently made it into the news. A nearly completed safe room in Mississippi was used for the first time as a large storm approached the community. Tuscaloosa, Alabama, opened its new community center and tornado shelter dome. A first responder safe room grant awarded to Covenant Christian School in Texas. And a Tennessee high school applies for FEMA grant for a combined gymnasium and safe room. … read more

Aerial view of Johnson Creek school campus

Johnson Creek High School and Middle School is a campus of five Monolithic Domes in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin. The school houses 500 students from grades 5 to 12. It replaced the aging school characterized as having “leaky roofs, antiquated facilities, classrooms in double-wide trailers.” The total project cost the district $8.9 million. The design and use of domes saved the district an estimated $8 million, not to mention ongoing savings in heating and cooling the school. … read more

Shalom dome family room
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After family lives in tornado-prone area of the United States, the move to a dome home has proven beneficial to their energy consumption and to their peace of mind. Feeling comfortable in their new space, family, friends, and strangers find their interest sparked by the new home. … read more

Spherical dome calculator conceptual sketch

Eighteen years ago, I wrote the first dome calculator for our website. I’d used the formulas before in spreadsheets, pattern programs, and even a script for the Palm Pilot. Writing the little program in the new web language of Javascript was fun. We still use it today, but it’s showing its age. The old calculator doesn’t work well on phones, and it has a dated, turn-of-the-millennium style. We have a new website; it is time for a new calculator. … read more

Ellipsoid dome conceptual sketch

Circles and spheres are easy to measure. Calculating a spherical dome’s floor area, surface area, perimeter, and volume are straightforward mathematical formulas. When I wrote the new Spherical Dome Calculator, the challenge was the scaled drawing, not the computed values. Ellipsoids — on the other hand — are hard. … read more

Antique barbed wire plaque
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The fourth Monolithic Dome built outside Idaho was in Chandler, Oklahoma for Bill Matthews in 1978. I had written an article for a fertilizer magazine explaining how a Monolithic Dome would be a terrific fertilizer storage. Bill read the article and flew to Idaho to see our domes. We hadn’t built a fertilizer storage, yet. His would be the first and it opened the gates to fertilizer domes all along the Mississippi River. … read more

Answers to common questions regarding COVID-19 and Monolithic’s response to the pandemic including vaccination requirements for attending the Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop. … read more

Satellite image of Hurricane Keith

Like the wolf of Three-Little-Pigs fame, Hurricane Keith huffed and puffed and literally blew homes down, but unlike our fairy tale wolf, Keith didn’t stop there. From Friday, September 29 to Sunday, October 1, 2000, Keith — a force 4 hurricane with winds up to 135 mph — raged over Ambergris Caye off the coast of Belize in the Caribbean Sea. With the ease of a giant weeding his garden, Keith uprooted trees, flattened buildings, overturned aircraft, and jettisoned boats onto rocks. Meanwhile, the severe, three-day rains Keith brought with him caused floods and mudslides, swept jetties away, and downed power lines. … read more